Barbie, but another time! Rachkov’s Anita left everyone with a finger in the…

The blonde may look like a Barbie doll, but she will clearly not be satisfied with such a role in life, but will fight for development and career herself

Dimitar Rachkov’s partner Anita is preparing for a high position in a bank. The blonde has put her playmate career behind her and is sitting on textbooks.

Anita completed a professional course in management and leadership skills. The silicon student was extremely strict in her studies, “Bulgaria Today” learned from her fellow students.

Specialized lessons aim to make it easier to find a job in the field of finance and marketing. Anita was oriented towards such a career. The woman next to the presenter wants to develop in the banking sector and start working in a high position.

Anita has already completed her education at UNSS. He also completed a mandatory internship in a banking institution and is currently in a regular position.

However, this is not enough for the blonde. For a position like hers, the salary is no more than BGN 1,000. However, Anita wants to be at least a bank branch manager or an even higher paying job in a financial company.

Rachkov himself is the main support in the ambitions of the silicone girl. He also really wants his partner to develop professionally, and not be considered just a playmate.

“Anita is a smart girl. Rather, working in a bank is just to gain experience. Working in such an institution was fashionable 15 years ago. Now they have the lowest salaries there, so everyone on this course is aiming for other financial institutions , for example in a crypto company”, praised the blonde fellow student in the course.

Since she is with Dimitar Rachkov, the beauty has been away from the spotlight. Before they became boyfriends, Anita participated in many music videos of the music company “Painer”. The two met during the filming of a video for a song by the Argirovi brothers. At that time, the 20-year-old girl was dreaming of more television appearances. Even in her business card for the Miss Playmate contest, she states that she wants to host her own TV show.

After her relationship with Rachkov becomes serious, Anita’s plans change. The host convinces her that she should think about her education, because in social circles she will be subjected to a lot of pressure and a lot of criticism just because the two are boyfriends. That’s why Anita refuses to appear as an influencer, even though she has many offers for advertising.

Some time ago, the presenter himself defended the public image of his partner with the words:

“I feel happy and in love. I don’t care about the rest. That Anita is a “Playmate” is not true. This is media speculation,” said Rachkov in an interview, with which he made it clear that he wanted his boyfriend to takes seriously, not as a gold digger.


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