Back to school: mobile plans for teenagers and students who don’t want to break the bank

It’s back to school! And who says back to school or college, says a lot of new equipment in a mobile plan. The opportunity to review its current package and opt for a competing offer at a more attractive price.

With the start of the school year and its problems – melting purchasing power, inflation, equipment for the youngest at a lower cost – it is high time to ask to take stock of the latest attractive offers in mobile plans. Operators have accustomed us to varying their rates week after week to attract new subscribers. And this period of back to school is no exception to the rule. Operators (Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile) and MVNOs (Cdiscount Mobile, NRJ Mobile, Reglo, Coriolis, etc.) have released a string of more or less attractive offers.

Entering middle school or high school is the perfect opportunity for your toddlers to equip themselves with a first smartphone with a real package, but requiring little or no data. They need to be able to call and be called, receive and send SMS and MMS. And for the Internet, the wifi connection will suffice.

There are also packages at very low prices which give access to data, enough to consult the Internet on the move, without watching the eight seasons of Game Of Thrones. Afterwards, it is always possible to have access to a lot of data without giving up a salary. Operators offer very attractive packages over one year generally, before seeing their prices increase. It’s up to you to juggle between offers and operators at the end of these periods.

Finally, there are 5G packages which cost much more, but which allow some to save on the price of an internet package.

The following selection has purchasing power as its main criterion. It is likely to evolve according to the offers of the operators and MVNO.

Cheap plans for the youngest (but without data)

For college and high school students who need data (but not too much)

For students who want data without breaking the bank

For students who want to upgrade to 5G

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