Aziz shared a touching shot of his son’s first encounter with the sea

Aziz shared a touching shot of his son’s first encounter with the sea

Every summer has its exciting story, filled with a bunch of unforgettable experiences that took place during its sultry days and warm evenings, to the memories of which one will return with nostalgia when the mercury level in the thermometers begins to gradually fall. There is no doubt that for Azis, the best moments of this torrid season, which has quietly come to an end, have been with his young son.

At the end of May, the singer surprised his followers with the happy news that he had become a father for the second time, backing up his words with a photo of him holding a newborn child in his arms, with his back to the camera. The news came as a bolt from the blue for his fans, as until then he had not even hinted that he was planning to have a second heir, much less that he expected one to emerge. As a result of his publication, many asked themselves the quite logical question who is the mother of the baby, given that his close friend Galya, who gave life to his daughter in the past, is already forty-five years old and would hardly agree to go through another pregnancy .

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However, they never got an answer to satisfy their curiosity, because the “Saint Trotte” performer refused to reveal the identity of the woman who gave him a baby boy, whose name he also continues to keep secret. Instead, he decided to show a new shot with him, revealing a moment from their vacation, during which they enjoy the generous rays of sunshine by the waves of the sea.

Until two weeks ago, the King of Pop-Folk, as he is often called, spent several days on the sidelines in hospital, recovering from health problems that caught up with him after being overwhelmed by a number of commitments. Leaving the health facility, Aziz shared that he needed more rest to fully recover, and now it seems that he has decided not to put it off any longer. A day ago, he uploaded to his personal Instagram account an image of himself posing in front of the photographic lens in an outdoor swimming pool, behind which the endless horizon is visible, holding above the surface of the water his child, who is kissing gently on his chest. His child wears a diaper and a blue “idiot” hat, which shows some of the inhabitants of the seabed.

Photo: Official Instagram account

The post, titled “Happiness”, touched the hearts of the users of the virtual space, who wrote a number of comments under it, expressing their affection, along with making wishes.

May this child be alive and healthy and fill your life with much joy!“, reads the words of one of them.

This is the greatest blessing in this world, everything else is a mirageanother concluded.

In general, the former participant in the show “Like two drops of water” prefers to keep his personal life away from the spotlight. For example, until recently he had not shown pictures of Raya from an early age. That is why when he did it at the beginning of this year, it was a whole event, covered by a number of media in our country. In the image uploaded to the Internet at the time, it can be seen that she has grown into a real young lady who will soon turn 15 years old. A little later, her father told her that she was an extremely modest girl who did not seek excessive ostentation, nor was she excited about material goods. And in addition, she made the admission that she is not familiar with his work, as she does not like the style in which he performs. In fact, the teenager prefers to listen to pop and rap music by American artists, he revealed at the time. However, this does not bother her popular dad in the least.

Photo: Official Instagram account

It is a curious fact that this January, when the video for the duet of Azis and Papi Hans – “Samara” was released, many people thought that one of the participants in it was Raya. The mistake was so big that later Vasil Boyanov, as is the real name of the eccentric pop folk singer, had to specify in his interview that there had been a mistake. He said that his daughter had never stood in front of a camera and the woman in question, with whom everyone confused, is actually Konstantin Trendafilov’s partner.