Ax in “On Coffee”! Gala beats the panelists

It’s their last season, said the boss during the live broadcast

After years of rumored problems with the panelists on her show, the Gala may have finally gotten a real chance to get rid of them for good. The presenter herself hinted at this in the last edition of “On Coffee” last year. She announced that her co-stars are doing a final season on her show. It is not yet clear if she was telling the truth or if she made a tasteless joke on air.

The reason for the statement at the Gala that the panelists will not work in “Na Kafe” from the next TV season was the guest appearance of the actress and playwright Zdrava Kamenova on the Nova TV show on December 30. The actress presented humorous scenarios for New Year’s professional parties. The panelists, decked out in festive attire, were lined up in front of a table with drinks and were supposedly trying to smile, but they didn’t look like they were having a good time. “But you… so… like at a party of financiers a bit!”, Zdrava Kamenova teased them. Gala immediately reacted to her words with the startling sentence: “This is their last panelist season! It’s a retirement party,” explained the presenter.

These words were uttered with a broad smile, and it was never clear whether the panelists were really on the “Over the Coffee” experience, or whether the blonde host of the show was simply blurting out the first nonsense that came to mind for the cameras. The only one who answered her was Kristina Patrashkova. “There are no such things! Cheers!” she said. And Darin Angelov explained that he cannot drink because there is a performance in the evening and he must be sober. Georgi Blazhev, Julian Konstantinov and Romina Tasevska failed to react to the remark.

If this is indeed the last season of the panelists in “Na Kafe”, they should have a few more months on the air on Nova TV. Unlike most other shows, whose seasons are autumn or spring, respectively starting in autumn and ending by the New Year, or starting at the beginning of spring and ending at the end of May, the Gala show follows the scheme of current shows on Nova TV. This means that its seasons start in the fall and continue all the way through the summer. In the event that the current panelists are indeed going to be fired, it will most likely not happen until the show’s summer break, which usually begins in July.

It’s possible that they don’t just change panel members, but that the entire panel drops as an element of the show. Astute viewers will remember that he was introduced to the show only a few years ago. Before that, Gala hosted “Na Kafe” alone. It is not out of the question that the show could go back to this scheme, which is cheaper as it saves a few salaries. Of course, it’s entirely possible that Gala just made a tasteless joke with her colleagues, writes Hotarena.


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