“Avatar” is not just a movie, but a whole experience

On the occasion of the upcoming December premiere of “Avatar 2: The Nature of Water”, director James Cameron decided to re-release its famous predecessor from 2009 – “Avatar” – on the big screen, in both 2D and 3D. The reason he did it was because he wanted to attract the young audience who had only seen it on TV or on DVD, as well as the older fans, to remind them of this extraordinary world.

I want people to really be transported into the story, to feel like they’re there, on an adventure with the charactersJames Cameron told the New York Times.

Avatar is one of those movies that shows how far human imagination and creativity can go. It is a completely different world that captivates both with its nature and its characters. It follows the journey of an ex-soldier to the planet Pandora who has lost the ability to walk until he connects with his avatar, a being created from human DNA and that of the native Na’vi tribe. Becoming part of them, he manages to get to know this beautiful new world, its order and rediscover himself. The film contains many hidden and not-so-hidden messages that are worth thinking about.

It is fair to say that the tape was revolutionary for its time. Certainly not the first 3D film, but it became the reason for the subsequent wave of this type of projection. His success is no surprise. “Avatar” achieves its goal, which is to grab the viewer tightly and drag him in an enchanted current through the rapids of fantasy.

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Behind such a project are not only huge funding and equipment, but also very hard days followed by sleepless nights, both for the team in front of the lens and for the team behind it. Everything from the script, the acting, the music, the effects to the construction of this little universe has been meticulously crafted, and now we’re going to help you get a behind-the-scenes look:

Its creation takes 15 years

Before creating “Avatar”, James Cameron worked on another film classic – “Titanic” (1997). It was planned to start work on “Avatar” after him and the film will be broadcast in 1999. Instead of doing so, Cameron decided to wait because the necessary technology was not yet developed enough to make the film the way he envisioned it. Also, it has not been easy to find funding for something so ambitious and risky. Seeing the result, surely the patience and hard work were worth it.

Real animal sounds were used for the Pandora creatures

“Skywalker Sound” were responsible for all sounds related to the planet – atmospheric and animal. Authentic animal sounds are recorded on location for each beast. Such an example is the wolves there, who needed three types of sound: when tracking, attacking and calling for reinforcements. The sounds used in this case are from hyenas and coyotes, and most of them recorded in Africa and Costa Rica.

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Each Na’vi costume is handcrafted

Watching “Avatar” and knowing about the capabilities of CGI effects, it is surely assumed that the Na’vi clothes are also artificially created like the models of the tribe themselves. Well, things are not exactly like that. Designer Deborah Scott says that in order to facilitate the work of the animators created each costume in real life so that the movement of the garment and individual accessories such as feathers, for example, were tracked.The animators needed these to make the fabrics look more realistic in the film itself.

James Horner introduces completely new instruments to the music of the film

The composer of the Avatar soundtrack faces the challenge of creating authentic music for Pandora that sounds unlike anything heard before.

It’s amazing how many sounds sound like an instrument from another country. I may have created a sound specifically for the film, but it ends up sounding like some Chinese flute or some Scandinavian instrumenthe says.

However, in the end he managed to create the authentic Pandora melodies on a computer, after which they were played by brass, piano and percussion instruments.

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Na’vi’s emotional expressions

You are just as important a part of the plot as the people, so it goes without saying that their faces should also be able to express impactful emotion. To make this happen, multiple green dots are drawn on the actors’ faces using a mask to match the locations of important facial muscles. Small cameras are attached to their heads to record their expressions up close. Thus, the human emotion is transmitted to their six-meter avatar.

The language of the Na’vi

Not only the clothes and music of the local people of Pandora are unique. So is their language. The linguist professor Paul Frommer was hired especially for the project, who not only creates their oral speech, but also their grammars. Influences from many different languages ​​such as Chinese, Persian, Hebrew, Indonesian and others can be felt in it, but together they make this language something unique that is not found anywhere else but on this mystical planet.

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The processing of “Avatar” happened during the filming

A project of this scale, combining animation and real actors, at first glance seems like a nightmare to process. To facilitate the process, the processing ran parallel to the shots, thus making it easier to select the frames that would later be woven into the virtual reality of the film.

There are many more extraordinary and amazing things that happened behind the scenes. From the real-life botanist who helps create Pandora’s flora and flesh out the Dr. Grace character, to the advanced weapons that are so detailed they could easily be mistaken for real. As we mentioned earlier, everything is meticulous. Behind “Avatar 2” are even more intensive preparations, which will certainly change the world of cinema once again.

“Avatar” is not just a movie, but an experience. An experience that every single person should experience at least once in their life. It is no accident that it has earned its place among the greatest films ever made. He not only enchants, but also changes realities.

Photo: Forum Film Bulgaria

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