“Avatar” Curse: A second audience member died in a movie theater during the movie

The results of a recent study show that within each calendar year, almost fifty-six million inhabitants of this world leave its borders forever. This means that every day approximately one hundred and fifty thousand people meet their demise, in the period from one sunrise to the next, the places of their demise being just as varied as the causes themselves, as indicated in the study in question.

One of the very recent deaths was registered in a movie theater during a screening of the sequel to one of the most successful films in history that the entertainment industry has ever made, namely “Avatar”, reports a number of foreign media, including the British tabloids “Metro ” and “Independent”. After another person passed away watching the original production on the big screen years ago, history is now repeating itself, leading many to wonder if there is a curse on her.

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The official premiere of the second part of James Cameron’s sci-fi visual narrative, taking viewers to the planet Pandora, was at the end of last week. Then, after more than a decade spent eagerly waiting, viewers were finally given the opportunity to buy a ticket to watch The Nature of Water. But for one man, the visit to the hall turned out to be fatal…

Like all other fans of the blockbuster, Lakshmireddy Srinu went to follow the development of the events surrounding Jake Sully and Neytiri, whose images include Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, not suspecting that he would not live to see the final credits at the end of the three-hour tape, so as his will occur sooner. Standing in the seat next to his younger brother, who was sitting on one of the red seats in the room, he had a heart attack, as a result of which he passed out. Local media reported that he had to be carried out on a stretcher from the cinema in Kakinada district in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, India, to the state hospital in Peddapuram, where he was pronounced dead.

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Speaking to the local press about the incident, Dr Sanjiv Gera, director of Fortis Medical Center in Noida, told The Hindustan Times that the man had “persistent inflammation of the blood vessels” which is common in humans. , have recovered from the new coronavirus. Explaining what might have led to the heart attack suffered by Srinu, the doctor said, “Blood pressure rose under stress, as a result of which the arteries of the heart ruptured, stopping the heart’s activity.”

His colleague from Aster CMI Hospital added to the publication that such a fatal end to someone’s life could be due to strong emotions, such as are felt during exciting sports matches, for example.

Photo: AR/BTA/ 20th Century Studios

However, this is not the only such case, as twelve years ago a 42-year-old man on the island of Taiwan also died in a similar manner while watching the first Avatar movie. It was reported at the time that he had a history of high blood pressure, with his emergency need for medical attention likely due to “production-induced overexcitement”.

“The Nature of Water” certainly made a splash in its opening weekend, earning $135 million at the United States box office. The success comes after creator James Cameron admitted that the special-effects-heavy sequel cost him “hell” to make, adding that it would need to gross at least $2 billion to break even. turned a profit. So far, only five titles have collected such an amount, and the original “Avatar” is one of them.

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