“Avatar 2” climbs new heights – it became the sixth highest-grossing film in history

There’s a popular rule of thumb among movie distributors that can totally apply to Avatar: The Last Airbender – you can’t judge a movie’s commercial potential by its opening weekend.

Although it did not debut as expected – with earnings of 134 million at the worldwide box office, James Cameron’s sci-fi epic managed to gain momentum and after 22 days on the screens became the sixth highest-grossing film in the history of cinema.

The sum of sold-out tickets since its premiere so far has already exceeded 1.928 billion dollars. A success thanks to which “Avatar: The Nature of Water” was able to dethrone “Spider-Man: No Way Home” from the sixth position of the most watched films in the history of cinema.

Marvel’s Spider-Man earned $1.921 billion after its release in 2021 and managed to hold on to sixth place on the list of top-grossing films for just over a year before being overtaken by second-placed Avatar.

James Cameron’s tape is breathing down the neck of another Marvel box office success – “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018), whose profitability is equal to revenues of 2.048 billion dollars.

This weekend, “Avatar: The Nature of Water” is expected to cross the $2 billion barrier that its director had set as a condition for a profit.

And in view of the minimal differences with the rest of the box office titans of cinema, it is likely that the places in the ranking of the top 5 most watched films will depend on the third and fourth digits after the decimal point.

By the end of its run, the second “Avatar” is predicted to finish in third place in the global ranking, behind James Cameron’s two other big hits – “Avatar” with revenues of $2.89 billion and “Titanic” with $2.2 billion profit.

While waiting for its worldwide achievement at the global box office, “Avatar: The Nature of Water” won a victory on the Bulgarian cinema market. The return of Pandora became the highest-grossing title in the history of domestic cinemas with a profit of BGN 5.4 million in its first month on the screens.

With these figures, “Avatar: The Nature of Water” surpassed its predecessor – the first “Avatar”, whose revenue reached BGN 5.3 million.

Putting it on the map in the international market, the second “Avatar” performed best in the US, where it accumulated $464.9 million. It was followed by China with $217.4 million in revenue and France with $123.3 million in revenue.

Internationally, Avatar: The Last Airbender has also performed well in Germany, where it grossed $108.5 million, South Korea with $93.6 million and the United Kingdom with $77.7 million for the first time month since the premiere.

The film’s weaker results came from the Japanese market, where it turned out that many theaters did not have the resolution to project the high-tech resolution that the production was shot in.

The blockbuster film found him work for another 7 years

Insignificant revenues are also registered in Russia, where the film is not distributed officially because of the sanctions against the country, but is released in some cinemas through “side tenants”.

To surpass the $2 billion mark at the global box office, “Avatar: The Nature of Water” will rely mostly on the US and Chinese markets, where its profit started to rise after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

There is no reason why this trend will not continue in the coming days and, despite the most skeptical predictions, James Cameron will make history by proving that he is the king of the box office.


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