Automower Aspire R4, Husqvarna’s connected robot mower for small gardens

Husqvarna Automower Aspire R4

Introductory price €949

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Experienced in the field of automatic lawn mowing, Husqvarna already has a wide range of Automower robots with consumer models designed to mow areas up to 5000 m² – professional models can even reach up to 10 times this area. Robot mowers that can be found at specialist retailers who install them taking into account the constraints of each terrain. If the manufacturer already offered small robots (Automower 105 and 305) designed to mow only up to 600 m², these were also not available outside this dealer network, the Husqvarna group relying solely on its Gardena brand for wider distribution on the Internet and in DIY superstores. This situation is about to change with the new Husqvarna Aspire consumer range, made up of portable electric garden tools and a robotic mower, the Aspire R4.

A familiar mini robot

This small robot mower of only 55 x 33 x 22 cm and 5.9 kg is precisely reminiscent of the Gardena robots and in particular the Sileno Minimo. Despite a design typical of Automower robots, its characteristics are indeed very similar, with in particular a control panel directly exposed on the top of the robot, a cutting width of 16 cm and an adjustable cutting height between 2 and 4.5 cm .

The Aspire R4 Automower

The Aspire R4 Automower

© Husqvarna

The robot is also IPX5 certified, which allows it to mow in the rain and allows it to be cleaned with a water jet (low pressure) for easy maintenance.

Up to 400 m² without being noticed

It is also capable of mowing on slopes of up to 25% and can squeeze through narrow passages up to a minimum of 60 cm, thanks in particular to its guide cable; passages that it can also mow thanks to its systematic mowing mode.

Despite its 2 Ah battery and a mowing time of 70 minutes per charge (75 min charge), the Aspire R4 is only suitable for a maximum of 400 m² of lawn. It should nevertheless be able to mow at any time of the day thanks to a low noise level (59 dB (A) according to Husqvarna), and this in complete autonomy thanks to frost protection and a weather timer.

A shelter is available as an option.

A shelter is available as an option.

© Husqvarna

Although it fits into the Husqvarna Aspire ecosystem, the battery of this robot is however not removable and therefore cannot be used to power other tools in the range.

Connected and always up to date

The Automower Aspire R4 also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to be programmed from the Automower Connect app. It can also update automatically thanks to its Fota (Firmware Over the Air) technology.

The Husqvarna Automower Aspire R4 robot mower will be available by spring 2023 at a price of €949 on the manufacturer’s website and at partner web merchants.

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