Auto Unlock: Nuki improves the operation of its connected locks

Seeing your door open automatically when you approach it is one of the features most appreciated by users of a connected lock. Owners of a Nuki Smart Lock are no exception. They will therefore be happy to hear that the latest update to the Smart Lock app for iOS improves this functionality. “Now it is possible to set the opening delay individually to prevent the door from opening too soon”cleverly indicates the mark.

Deployed since February 1, 2023, this update improves the Auto Unlock function so that the door opens exactly when desired. As a reminder, this feature uses both the capabilities of the Bluetooth protocol and geolocation. “Nuki draws a virtual circle with a radius of 100m, called a geofence, around the location of the Smart Lock. If this invisible boundary is crossed from the outside, the Nuki app will actively search for the lock’s Bluetooth signal.”

Bluetooth obliges, the practical range of the signal is reduced to a few meters. For this to work, the telephone and the lock must therefore be relatively close in order to benefit from a stable connection. Then the lock can be opened. “Ideally this happens exactly when the owner is right outside the door”, says Nuki. Problem when the configuration of the premises leads to malfunctions. “For example, when you take the stairs quietly and you already hear the sound of the door unlocking, while there is still a floor to climb. The situation is similar with a parking space near the front door, which opens while you are still seated in the vehicle.

It is to adapt the operation of the lock and avoid this kind of inconvenience that Nuki has pushed this new update. Just go to the Auto Unlock settings to adjust the Auto Unlock speed and select a longer or shorter delay there.

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