Audi announces logo change: What it looks like and what it means VIDEO

The Audi company is actively developing, introducing new technologies and confidently looking to the future. All this progress is also reflected in the brand’s new logo.

Designer Andre Giorgi and brand strategist Frédéric Kalish explain what Audi’s new circles mean.

The four circles have accompanied Audi cars for 90 years. Initially, in 1932, they represented unity and cohesion after the merger of the four car manufacturers.

Now the designers have decided to update the recognizable logo with a “cleaner” and laconic two-dimensional graphics and the same geometry.

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In the future, they aim for the four rings to look the same everywhere: in a magazine, on a customer’s smartphone or on a billboard, as well as on the body of the car or in its interior.

The new Audi logo consists of three components. Designers gradually abandoned chrome and opted for a contrasting black and white design. By optically illuminating the logo, the white color gives the circles a high-quality, flat appearance that, upon closer inspection, still remains three-dimensional.

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Modern circles mean high quality. The clarity of the new black and white circles make the corporate style recognizable, and the thin black edging around the circles creates an impeccable premium feel, regardless of the color of the car or the grille.

Customers can also opt for the Black version, where the white is replaced by a dark gray that looks like a black gloss finish. /

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