ATH-TWX9: Audio Technica launches self-cleaning headphones

Audio Technica ATH-TWX9

Introductory price €319

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Audio Technica continues to expand its range of true wireless headphones with the arrival of the ATH-TWX9, a new top-of-the-range model packed with features of all kinds. The ATH-TWX9 stand out in the first place by their design comprising a branch, where the other headphones designed by Audio Technica had none. Such a design makes it possible to bring the microphones closer to the user’s mouth and therefore theoretically offer better voice pick-up during calls. The ATH-TWX9 are also equipped with a dual microphone system and voice feedback functionality.

The ATH-TWX9 are designed from plastic shells combining matte black finish and copper reflections. The tactile surface used to carry out the commands is nestled under a shimmering disc flanked by the brand logo. The headphones are IPX4 certified, and are therefore resistant to splashing water and perspiration. They adopt an in-ear format and are delivered with no less than 12 pairs of tips of different sizes. A real record, although of relative utility.

In addition to a mode for listening to surrounding sounds, the ATH-TWX9 obviously have an inevitable active noise reduction function, adjustable here on five power levels. The headphones are equipped with 5.8 mm drivers, which is a fairly modest size, and are compatible with 360 Reality Audio, Sony’s 3D audio format. They are also multipoint and support the aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec. In addition, each earphone is independent and receives a different stream, improving connection stability.

On the autonomy side, we are promised 6 hours per charge and a little more than two additional charges thanks to the case. The latter also includes a cleaning system using UV rays, like what LG does with its Tone Free FP9 for example, capable of eliminating bacteria and viruses present on the headphones.

The ATH-TWX9 are already available at a price of 319 €.

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