At the moment, there is nothing to stop Ukraine’s advance

The famous Russian terrorist Igor Girkin-Strelkov published a series of curious comments on his Telegram profile about the course of military operations. According to him, the situation is now such that even if the mythical general Suvorov were to be reborn, even he would not be able to stop the advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Luhansk region.

And the Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov in question (1730-1800) is known for not losing a single battle throughout his life.

“Personally, I know only one person who could be placed at the head of the front in the northern part of the LPR at the moment with a guarantee that he will be able to stop the enemy’s advance. And it cannot be done immediately, but in a week or two. .. At the moment, even Suvorov is unlikely to be able to fix everything that the current command “shocked” us,” wrote Strelkov, who is a former minister of defense of the DPR and one of the leaders of the separatists in Donbass in 2014.

According to him, only Colonel Vladimir Vasilievich Kvachkov, who is a frequent guest on Strelkov’s shows, can do the job at the moment.

“But the Kremlin will never agree to such an appointment. They can “ripe” for such a step only when NATO reaches Volgograd and when it will be too late for anything,” said the terrorist, who is the main suspect in the overthrow of the Malaysian Boeing in 2014 on board which killed almost 300 people.

Strelkov confirms that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have launched an offensive along the Dnieper River on the Kherson Front and that they captured the village of Zolotaya Balka during the night. Also, that in the direction of Liman, the Ukrainian forces are moving forward and attacking in the direction of Kremena and Svatovo.

Heavy fighting takes place near Torskoe and Terni. Our troops are still unable to stabilize the front line, claims Girkin-Strelkov.

However, according to him, the main and most important problem is that the struggle for power in the command of the Russian army has already become evident, he reported OFFNews.

“Ramzan Kadyrov, supported by Prigozhin (b. ed. – Yevgeny, leader of the so-called PMC Wagner and known as Putin’s cook) “attacked” General Lapin (the commander of the Eastern Front) for betraying Liman, although that the latter was most likely guilty only of not getting along with Kadyrov himself, since Lapin was not initially responsible for the defense of Liman, his units were sent to help from another section of the front, and they were sent too late. There were also direct accusations against the Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov (they, in my personal opinion, are much more justified). Indirectly – a blow was struck at the plywood marshal (Shoigu), whose remaining in the post at the head of the Ministry of Defense most finally it becomes intolerable for all those who are extremely uninterested in defeat in this war,” says Strelkov.


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