At the age of 11, I found out that I was adopted

“Life has taught me patience the most. When things are going in ascending order, everything is easy. However, when they get stuck, then it’s back to the beginning. I’m an open person, but I’ve also learned to keep my distance from people. My character is diverse”, singer Kamelia Todorova told Martin Stankov – Mont Dieu on Nova TV.

She found out she was adopted only when she was 11 years old. “I started hearing stories and dug through my mother’s albums. There I found a man with blue eyes who did not look like my father. I went to my grandmother and asked her to tell me everything. I never wanted to meet my biological father. He tried to get to know me when I came back from abroad. He wanted to meet my children, but I refused”.

The singer still dreams of meeting big love. “So far this has not happened to me. I trust people too much. Both my husbands betrayed me. The father of my children was saying that I betrayed him. He wanted us to have an open relationship. He saw the children at 2-3 months. I’m sorry I didn’t leave him sooner. He was German, but he behaved like a Muslim to whom I had to obey,” the star also said.

The actress admitted that she and Stefan Danailov really fell in love while filming the movie “The Queen of Thorns”.

“We both had feelings, but our love didn’t carry over off screen. “Whoever tells me that playing in a romantic movie does not fall in love with his partner is a liar,” commented Todorova.


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