Are they leaving? Alex Sarchadzhieva is dangerously close to an ex-boyfriend,…

The title is familiar from the French film comedy of 1967, where the main role – of Bertrand Barnier, is played by Louis de Funes. The Bulgarian theatrical version is by Vencislav Asenov, also starring Margarita Khlebarova, Alexandra Sarchadzhieva, Martin Giaurov. The premiere is on February 22, and from now on it is expected with great interest, because it brings together on the stage one of the most famous love couples of Bulgaria – Mainov and Sarchadzhieva. The comedian was in a relationship with the daughter of Pepa Nikolova for five years, but the two broke up.

“There comes a point in life when, after such a long relationship, people either have to get married and start a family, or separate. I think the best option for Alex and I was the second one. We broke up as a couple, as boyfriends, not as people, because we still hear each other and help each other to this day,” admitted the comedian years ago.

Ironically, the two met precisely in the Satire, while Mainov was acting in a play with Pepa Nikolova, in which the current head of the theater, Kalin Sarmenov, also participated. The director especially praised Mainov, who had grown as an actor in the last 20 years. Two years ago, Alex and Ruslan were hosts of the New Year’s program of BNT, but now for the first time they will be together on the theater stage. “These are normal things, we are in a wonderful, wonderful relationship and always have been. We never lost contact. We are friends and I love Ruslan very much,” the actress said then, writes Hotnews.


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