Are Harry and Meghan poor by Hollywood standards?

Are Prince Harry and Meghan poor by Hollywood standards? The net worth of the Dukes of Sussex is estimated at 20 million pounds, but it is more or less, compared to other Hollywood stars.

Former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown described the couple’s home as a “modest cottage” and thought the Dukes were poor by Hollywood standards.

Brown has reacted to the news that Harry and Meghan are looking for a new home and said the couple don’t have enough money. She even joked that Elon Musk is still single in case the Duchess wants to swap Prince Harry for the tycoon, whose fortune is estimated at £193 billion.

Although the dukes’ wealth is not to be underestimated, some of their star neighbors have enviably more.

The wealth of their neighbor Oprah Winfrey, who conducted the scandalous interview with the couple, is estimated at 2.26 billion pounds. The star couple Beyoncé and Jay Z have about 1.35 billion pounds, and the wealth of only 25-year-old Kylie Jenner is 900 million pounds.

Tina Brown has claimed that Harry’s upcoming biography, which is expected to bring the Dukes serious income, may never be published.

“They are in a difficult position, Harry has signed a contract for nearly £40m. In the book, he has to tell all about his ‘horrible’ life as a royal, but at the moment he is hesitant. He knows there is no going back if he publishes the book Brown told the Daily Mail.

Harry and Meghan are also working on a documentary, and according to sources, the deal is for $100 million. The film was expected to be released in December, but the couple have announced that they want to make some changes, which could delay the release until 2023.


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