Apple would develop an Apple Watch Ultra with a larger MicroLED display

An even bigger Apple Watch Ultra? That’s what the latest rumors about Apple’s high-end watch suggest. In recent days, several sources have mentioned the possible arrival of a larger screen. An update that could arrive with the advent of MicroLED technology, according to information from the research firm TrendForce relayed by MacRumors.

A 2.1-inch Apple Watch Ultra?

Apple products should gradually begin its transition to Micro LED. The Apple Watch could thus be the first device from the firm to have this technology. In 2024, the Cupertino company could thus unveil an Apple Watch Ultra with a screen of more than 2 inches and more contrast, according to analysts at TrendForce. For its part, the Chinese newspaper DigiTimes, assumes an exact size of 2.1 inches, according to a source within Apple’s supply chain. An update to target even more fans of outdoor sports activities.

The arrival of MicroLED would not occur this year, due to Apple’s historical caution regarding the long-term adoption of the latest technologies. To provide these new screens, the Apple brand could collaborate with AMS-OSRAM, an Austrian company specializing in the production of semiconductors and optics.

MicroLED: a promising technology

In the future, Apple could make MicroLED its new standard. It is indeed a technology that delivers good brightness and a high number of pixels per inch (PPI). Since production costs are still very high, Apple could take some time before implementing it on all of its products. A novelty which could therefore induce additional manufacturing costs.

The micro LED has the potential to be the key technology that Apple will use to manufacture innovative products and thus take a step ahead of other brands in the market.“, analyze the experts of TrendForce.

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