Apple Watch Series 8: an Ultra watch for extreme sports and a temperature sensor for women


As expected as the iPhone according to the many rumors that have followed one another in recent months, the Watch Series 8 has just been presented during the now classic Apple keynote. The biggest novelty: an Apple Watch Ultra!

Despite increasingly aggressive competition, the Apple Watch continues to dominate the watch market and improves year after year, although it no longer necessarily dictates the trend. On the hardware level, last year’s Watch Series 7 was content to integrate larger screens by trimming their borders to maintain similar dimensions. One way, however, to display one of the best screen occupancy rates on the market. Rebelote this year with the Series 8 whose design does not evolve one iota, but progresses this time in terms of sensors.

A temperature sensor to detect ovulation

It is therefore once again on the technical level that the Apple watch is evolving, finally integrating the famous skin temperature sensor that we already thought would arrive on Series 7. Unlike its competitors who obviously do not know what use to give this additional sensor, Apple comes up with an idea as surprising as it is relevant, as well as an implementation that seems accomplished. It is indeed for women that this temperature sensor is intended, since it is used specifically to detect the period of ovulation! Rather than trying to detect signs of fever, it is therefore the monitoring of menstrual cycles that will benefit from this innovation and gain in precision.

Apple Watch Series 8: an Ultra watch for extreme sports and a temperature sensor for women

On a technical level, the Apple Watch Series 8 incorporates not one but two temperature sensors. The first is logically placed on the underside of the watch, to measure skin temperature, while the second takes place just under the screen to measure the outside temperature and thus be able to correct the deviations of the first – the skin temperature indeed varies greatly according to the ambient temperature, in particular at the level of the wrist. Apple announces an accuracy of tenths which would thus be worthy of the best medical thermometers – with all the necessary precautions when it comes to a measurement as low as the measurement on the wrist, therefore.

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Like other health data, ovulation detection is of course encrypted and secured by Face ID, Apple wanting to reassure its users about the confidentiality of this sensitive information.

The detection of car accidents thanks to more precise sensors

At the start of the presentation, Apple emphasized the security offered by its Apple Watch, in particular by detecting falls and other accidents and by offering the possibility of calling for help. A use that is reinforced with the new detection of car accidents.

Apple Watch Series 8: an Ultra watch for extreme sports and a temperature sensor for women

Thanks to a new, more precise accelerometer capable of measuring forces up to 256 g and to record 4 times more events over the same period, the Apple Watch Series 8 becomes capable of detecting frontal, rear and side impacts in the car. Micro and GPS are involved in this function which is based on an algorithm driven by deep learning, while the integrated barometer is used to detect openings of airbags in the cabin.

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A low consumption mode to double the autonomy

Always designed to work “a full day”, according to Apple – more precisely until 6 p.m. if we refer to the technical sheet of the Series 7 – the Apple Watch Series 8 should be able to double its autonomy thanks to a new low power mode. Apple thus announces up to 36 hours of operation by disabling certain services such as automatic sports detection, but without compromising activity records and fall detection. A mode that all Apple Watch from Series 4 will benefit from.

Last flagship novelty, international roaming will be available on Apple Watch from Series 5 Cellular. Compatible with many telephone operators, it will allow you to use your watch in many countries around the world without having to worry about subscribing to a specific plan.

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As for the other features, Apple didn’t dwell on it, just confirming the arrival of more elaborate sleep tracking, with cycle detection and REM sleep, as well as enriched sports functions for running. (ghost, ground contact time measurement, etc.). It was indeed a question of giving way to the real new hardware that until then had been called Apple Watch Pro…

Watch 8 Ultra, a real extreme sports watch

The object of the most insistent rumors, the Apple Watch Pro does exist, but is therefore called Ultra. Sportier, it indeed inaugurates a new design and for good reason, the watch is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. Its titanium case in 49 mm format is topped with a sapphire crystal protecting a large ultra-bright screen, which can reach 2000 nits.

Apple Watch Series 8: an Ultra watch for extreme sports and a temperature sensor for women

This watch intended for outdoor sports is reinforced accordingly, being able to even be used for scuba diving or mountaineering.

Apple Watch Series 8: an Ultra watch for extreme sports and a temperature sensor for women

Designed as a real sports watch and not as a simple variant of the Apple Watch Series 8, it will be marketed from September 23 at a price of €799. We detail these other features in a news dedicated to this Apple Watch 8 Ultra.

The Watch SE for young audiences

The latest in Apple Watch’s Series 8, the SE gets a facelift. Its design follows that of the normal Series 8, with a screen 30% larger than that of the Series 3 and similar components, down to the accelerometer which is used to detect car accidents.

Apple Watch Series 8: an Ultra watch for extreme sports and a temperature sensor for women

Apple intends its Watch SE for those who do not need all the functions of the 8, but also for children, specifying that it offers its “Family setup” tool to configure the watch specifically for this young audience.

It will be the most affordable Apple Watch, since this SE starts at €249 in the GPS version and €299 in the GPS+Cellular version. Availability from September 16.

The Apple Watch Series 8, for its part, is already available at €399 in the GPS version and at €499 in the GPS+Cellular version.

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