Apple Watch: a cheaper model and new features for the Pro version

Is a third model of Apple Watch in preparation at Apple? That’s what the man thinks he knows New York Timeswhich claims that a cheap version could be born alongside the usual ranges.

Apple’s back-to-school keynote may take place tomorrow (September 7, 2022), but that doesn’t prevent last-minute rumors from popping up all over the web. More than the iPhone 14, about which we already know almost everything, these hallway noises focus on the Apple Watch. Or rather the Apple Watch…

Cupertino’s Godzilla seems to have planned to present a large catalog of connected watches during its highly anticipated conference. There will of course be the “standard” Series 8 which will inject a little freshness into the product released last year, the Apple Watch Pro which will concentrate the bulk of the new features, but also an inexpensive watch for children.

An Apple Watch Kids in preparation?

This is the New York Times which echoes this final rumour, invoking “people involved in the project”. To conquer young people and offer parents a way to keep an eye on their offspring, Apple would market a model of Apple Watch “even cheaper than the Apple Watch SE”. Currently, the latter is sold for €299 in France, and if an even less expensive model were to arrive on the market, a price of around €200 would be possible.

According to the New York media, the decision was made because of the popularity of Apple Watches with younger generations. According to a survey conducted across the Atlantic, 31% of American teenagers are equipped with a connected watch. These gadgets would constitute a kind of “intermediate cell phone for kids”which would allow parents to reach and monitor them, while “reducing internet addiction issues” because of their small screen. This rumor of Apple Watch for children seems to have come out of a hat, so it should be taken with a grain of salt. Apple could indeed simply replace its Watch SE with an updated, but less expensive model. Anyway, the manufacturer would not be the first on the market, since many connected watches for the youngest already exist.

The Apple Watch Pro finally reveals itself

Another recent rumor concerns the Apple Watch Pro. Many photos, as well as a 3d rendering of this ultra high-end model point to the inclusion of a new button on the left side of the watch.

According to Mark Gurman, one of the best-informed journalists on Apple, this button would be configurable at will and would allow athletes to easily launch an app, a sports routine, etc. What simplify the lives of athletes who do not want to rummage through the touch menus during their training. Exclusive bracelets and dials specific to the Pro model could also see the light of day.

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