Apple unveils secret HomePod Mini feature

The HomePod Mini still has some under the hood. On the occasion of the presentation of the HomePod (2nd generation), Apple also announced that the HomePod Mini, a product launched in November 2020, could soon benefit from new features for measuring temperature and humidity. For this, the owners of the product will only have to perform a small update of the connected speaker.

The sensors were there from the start

In reality, this is only a half-surprise for those who diligently follow the news of Apple. Even before the release of the HomePod Mini in 2020, rumors pointed to the integration of a sensor measuring humidity and temperature in the product. Problem, the manufacturer had not touched a word of it during the keynote during which the device was unveiled.

This humidity sensor will thus make it possible to create automated scenarios – depending on the level of connection in your home, of course. The user can for example request the adjustment of the power of the radiators according to the temperature detected by the HomePod, or to close and open an electric blind. Functions also accessible with the HomePod (2nd generation), also equipped with these sensors.

All HomePod Mini users will be able to use this technology with the upcoming iOS 16.3 software update.

A fare increase on the way

The other side of the coin is that Apple has decided to increase the selling price of its HomePod Mini. Previously placed below the symbolic bar of 100 €, the object will be sold 10 € more expensive, at 109 €. The price increase is not related to the new features unveiled, but concerns other Apple products, from iPhones to AirPods.

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