Apple: the future iPhone SE could finally adopt the design of the iPhone 11

The iPhone 14 fever having subsided, we can now look to other models, in particular the iPhone SE. Analyst Ross Young gives us some information to put in our mouths about this 4th generation.

This affordable iPhone could finally change its design. Information to be taken with a grain of salt, however, since it has been more than a year since a “new design” is planned and that, despite everything, the latest Apple model is still inspired by the iPhone 8. But this iPhone SE 4 should adopt the aesthetics of the iPhone 11, with a rounded frame, a 6.1-inch panel and above all a notch. Ross Young specifies that the notch may not offer Face ID and that Touch ID should still be part of the adventure, coming to be placed on the start button, as on the iPad Air or the most recent iPad Mini. A rather strange choice on the part of Apple, since it is easy to forgive the presence of a large notch if the latter integrates the depth sensors for Face ID. However, if the American firm decides to do without facial recognition technology while leaving this wide black band, it may be quite difficult to defend.

Switching to a 6.1-inch panel would be a real leap for the SE range. Until now, the smartphone was limited to 4.7 inches, the last vestige of this type of format in the landscape of mobile phones, where compactness is now rare. Apple’s next affordable model would therefore be larger, but not necessarily the same size as the iPhone 11. leakers indicate that this iPhone SE could be thinner, or even a little smaller, without benefiting from the small size of recent iPhone SEs.

On the launch side, several bells are heard. We could expect to see it land in 2023, during the first half of the year. But it could also be that it sees the light of day here rather in 2024, to correspond to the renewal cycle every two years of the iPhone SE to date.

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