Apple is still struggling to make its own 5G modems

Apple has had great success with its in-house ARM chips, which now grace Macs and iPads. But the iPhone maker seems to have a harder time producing its own 5G modems, forcing it to depend on Qualcomm’s expertise in the matter. A situation that does not delight the firm at the apple.

Apple still struggling

As noted by the Bloomberg agencywhen releasing its quarterly results, Qualcomm announced that it would continue to provide “the vast majority” iPhone modems in 2023. An unexpected announcement amid rumors that Apple was going to switch to an in-house component from the iPhone 15. So far, Qualcomm planned to supply barely 20% of future iPhone modems .

It must be said that relations are not looking good between the two companies. In 2017, Apple demanded a billion dollars from Qualcomm for anticompetitive practices, while the American founder demanded that the marketing of iPhones in the United States be stopped. The case settled in 2019, but left a bitter aftertaste for Apple, which then launched into the manufacture of its own modems.

Overheating Modems

To be more specific, Apple has tent to start manufacturing its own modems. Indeed, three years later, the company has still not succeeded in producing a sufficiently satisfactory component to be integrated into an iPhone. The firm had however bought the modem branch of Intel in order to give a boost to its efforts in this regard, but without concrete results for the moment. According to Bloombergthe prototypes developed by the firm tend to overheat and would be unusable for the moment.

This is not particularly surprising, as producing a tiny chip capable of connecting to the 2G/3G/4/5G network is such a delicate task. And although Qualcomm has warned that Apple will disappear from the list of its customers within a few years, for the moment, the two enemy firms will nevertheless continue to collaborate.

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