Apple is developing a cheaper version of its mixed reality headset

New in Apple’s projects. The Cupertino company could launch a cheaper version of its mixed reality headset, according to sources from our colleagues at Bloomberg and of The Information.

A $3,000 Pro Helmet

In the Pro version, the headphones developed by Apple could reach $3,000. Concerned by this high price, the Californian company would be developing a light version of its technology, accessible at the same price as an iPhone, between 800 and 1600 $. To lower the price of their product, Apple engineers could use lower resolution screens and fewer sensors. A watered down version that would also be designed with less expensive materials and have a slower processor than its big brother.

The launch of this “low cost” helmet is expected between 2024 and early 2025, according to sources from Bloomberg. Recently, Apple would have registered several trademarks, which are in line with the latest rumors. The documents would mention “Reality Pro” and “Reality One”. The first could obviously be the name of the Pro model and the second that of the cheaper model. Finally, Apple would have filed a third trademark, “Reality Processor”, which could designate the chip used to run this new headset.

The postponed Apple Glass bezels

At the same time, the AR / VR glasses mentioned in recent years could be (further) delayed. The vast majority of the Technology Development Group branch, comprising more than 1,000 people, is currently working on the two mixed reality headsets, at the expense of connected glasses. Only a few teams would still develop the technologies needed for the project.
Internally, some people even have doubts about the release of Apple Glass, whose development is planned over very long years anyway. It therefore seems very unlikely to hear of an announcement for this new product in the coming years.

Contacted by BloombergApple did not wish to comment on the latest rumors concerning its mixed helmets and its connected glasses.

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