Apple changes its AppleCare+ insurance to cover “unlimited number of repairs”

Apple didn’t just announce new iPhones and Watches at its back-to-school conference. The manufacturer has also revised its AppleCare + warranty policy to make it more flexible and advantageous for its customers.

Good news for clumsy people: Apple is transforming its AppleCare+ subscription. The manufacturer’s (optional) insurance formula now offers a “unlimited number of repairs” per year, compared to two previously. Don’t throw your iPhone on the ground for joy, however, there are a few subtleties…

Prices between 12 and 15 €/month for the iPhone 14 Pro

As a reminder, AppleCare+ is an extended warranty offered to purchasers of an Apple product. It is added to the legal guarantee of conformity and can extend beyond the two years of mandatory protection for manufacturers and retailers. Its operation is simple: you pay a monthly subscription of ten or so euros, which gives you the right to repairs at preferential rates, but subject to a deductible.

In the case of an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, the AppleCare+ warranty costs between €12.49 and €15.49/month, or €249 to €309 for two years (depending on whether one chooses to be covered against the theft or not). Any damage affecting the screen or the glass back will be subject to a deductible of €29, while “other types of accidental damage” will cost $99 to repair. A theft or loss will generate an addition of 129 €. The full fee schedule is available at Apple’s website.

Unlimited repairs, but watch out for theft

Where Apple is more generous is that you can now go to the Apple Store every week to have your mobile repaired, if you wish. Since September 7, 2022, general conditions have evolved and “the number of claims that can be filed for insured events is unlimited”, says Apple. AppleCare+ therefore becomes much more profitable for clumsy people who until then could only break their phone “only” twice a year.

The warranty with cover in the event of loss or theft has not changed. It still provides coverage for two incidents of device theft or loss per 12 month period. It is possible to subscribe to the new AppleCare + subscription for all iPhones since version 7, with decreasing prices according to the age of the terminal, of course. If you want to subscribe to AppleCare+, it is necessary to do so when you purchase your new iPhone or within 60 days.

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