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No high mass to announce the new iPad version 2022. The announcement is simply relayed in the “press room” on the Apple site. However, the changes are numerous and the entry-level iPad is getting a well-deserved facelift. Nothing transcendent however, since the design remains quite close to that of the iPad Air and the iPad Mini. Apple therefore standardizes the aesthetics of its tablets, which is not so bad.

Real improvements on the entry level

Everything has been changed on this tablet. The screen thus goes from 10.2″ to 10.9″, the borders are much thinner, four colors exist and the Retina screen disappears in favor of a Liquid Retina panel, thus allowing a definition of 2,360 x 1. 640 pixels as well as a bright peak at 500 nits. Inevitably, with this new design, the button Home disappears and the fingerprint reader is now housed in the button located on the upper edge of the device. The rear photo module evolves and goes to 12 megapixels and the one placed at the front is (hold on tight) no longer vertically, but horizontally. This is perhaps the biggest change on the iPad since after so many years, Apple has finally decided to place a front-facing landscape camera, thus facilitating video conversations. The awkward angle inherent in the module placed vertically therefore disappears and we would have liked this choice to be generalized to the new iPad Pro. Perfect for the Centered Frame feature introduced in 2020 with the iPad Pro M1.

Inside, Apple integrates the A14 Bionic chip, the same as found in the iPhone 12. Enough to give more than enough power on a daily basis for a tablet that we imagine being used for taking notes in progress or all simply for the family to watch videos or play. With the new chassis, the entry-level iPad finally adopts the USB-C standard, just like Wi-Fi and 5G. A new accessory has appeared, the Magic Keyboard Folio, which transforms this small iPad into a real laptop. It works like the iPad Pro’s Smart Magic Keyboard, except it doesn’t levitate the tablet, but rather gives it a kickstand.

The Magick Keyboard Folio, a new accessory compatible with the 10th generation iPad

The Magick Keyboard Folio, a new accessory compatible with the 10th generation iPad

© Apple.

Incompatible with the 2nd generation Pencil

On the other hand, however attractive it may be, the new version of the iPad still does not offer compatibility with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, which seems unacceptable to us given the efforts made on this 10th generation. Also, the 1st generation stylus has a Lightning tip. It is therefore impossible to come and charge it on the tablet unless you use an adapter. An incomprehensible choice on the part of Apple which could slow down more than one buyer.

This new iPad goes on sale on October 26 as well and pre-orders are already open. For the Wi-Fi versions, the tablet is worth €589 in 64 GB or €789 in 256 GB. The Wi-Fi + 5G variants are exchanged for €789 in 64 GB and €989 in 256 GB. previous seems to remain in the catalog.

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