Any other team will find it very difficult to come close to Red Bull. Even next year

photo: Red Bull Content Pool

The team of Red Bull is in a dominant position in the Formula 1 championship at the moment and it will be difficult for any other team to come close, said Nico Rosberg. The 2016 world champion told Sky Sports that everything is fitting together at the Milton Keynes outfit as it has at Mercedes in previous seasons.

“Red Bull is currently the dominant force in the way that Mercedes has been in recent years. They also took the constructors’ title relatively early. Their team has a dominant performance in every aspect, just like Mercedes’. They have the car, the necessary development during the season, they are already durable enough. Their driver is the best or one of the best in F1 right now. Their strategy is good – they succeed every time. The engine seems to be great too. Everything fits together in an amazing way.”

“Red Bull are definitely in a period where it will be very difficult for any other team to come close to them. Even next year – they have such momentum. It will be difficult for Ferrari or even Mercedes to close the gap,” said Rosberg

“Mercedes’ Achilles heel is straight line speed. They are so slow on the straights compared to Red Bull. I really hope they figure out how to unlock a little more pace.”

At the same time, Rosberg also commented on the situation Red Bull is in regarding the budget limit for the 2021 season. The team is in talks with the FIA ​​after the federation said it was overspending for last year. Discussions were briefly suspended because the death of Dietrich Mateschitz. They are expected to resume from tomorrow. According to Rosberg, the situation at Red Bull and the FIA ​​is such that whatever decision is made, it will be criticized.

“Right now we don’t have the details of what the offense is, and that matters. What did the extra money go for? Should it be spent on sandwiches or for development on the car? I hope the FIA ​​finds the fine line,” he added.

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