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The president and majority owner of Botev Plovdiv – Anton Zingarevich, got into a heated discussion with one of the team’s fans. She lashed out on the Yellow-Blacks’ official Facebook page and was prompted by a fan’s comment. The executive director German Chistyakov also took part in it.

We publish what the supporter in question wrote without editorial intervention:

An already doomed season, but the important thing is that Zingarevic continues with his experiments and turning Botev into a mobile stall offering young African footballers by the kilo. It is not clear where the optimism will come from, because it is obvious that this man does not have a long-term vision for the club and the team. Since for Botev the current championship is over, for the next one, if it continues in the same way, the prospects are even sadder, as it is possible that the team will fight brutally to avoid relegation. No gradation to more positive things is visible. That with this young man with dyed hair from September was just dust in people’s eyes, because he knows that most fans want to see Bulgarian football players. My opinion, of course subjective, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.


Here is Zingarevich’s subsequent unedited response:

Are you serious? What experiments are you talking about? Only two years under my ownership! 2021 – my team saves the club from relegation and we finish in the top 4 in the first part of the competition! 2022 we finish third for the first time in over 28 years!! Show some respect people!! 2023 has just begun!

I pay all the bills, we work hard to make sure we can all be proud and all I get is this abuse from the so called fans! Maybe it’s time to be realistic!? We all want to have a successful academy that develops a high standard of players like Iliev, but it’s not realistic at the moment, but yes, that’s our goal!

We created a ‘B’ team, it’s no secret to the fans who actually go to the matches that last year the best players were: Chernev, Nnadi, Akere, Hugo, Traore and Umeh and we also signed Stefan! I really hope that in 2023, other players in the ‘B’ team will show improvement and join this group! These are our best young players right now! But we also have Kolev and Misha! These are footballers we count on to be the future of Botev!

Anton Zingarevich attacked a fan on Facebook


Here is the comment on the subject of the executive director German Chistyakov:

Good evening, I try not to interfere in fan discussions, but I’ll let you have your say here. A very convenient way is to paint everything with black paint. There are no Bulgarian footballers – it’s bad, there are – we buy the wrong ones, and we only buy to screw ourselves. Are you serious? Shareholder, the club will spend their funds on the player just to appease someone on the side of a computer screen?

I mean, you’re just spitting on the work of the people who analyzed, did the reports, predicted the integration of the player, then those who dealt with the deal, who drafted the contracts, worked on the media support of the deal?

With your post, you make it clear that Botev is a club where amateurs work, not professionals, that everyone is blind, including the shareholder, and only you make an accurate diagnosis, opening everyone’s eyes to the truth. But the reality is much more complicated. Yes, the club is not going through the best period. Yes, wrong decisions were made and who isn’t wrong, show me?

But the point is not to avoid mistakes, that is impossible. The question is how to react to it and how to correct the situation. We know how and everything we do about it. Everyone at the club wants to see Botev successful and strong just as much as you do. We are working on it.

What are you so hard about? What I do agree with is that it is high time we clearly articulate what the club’s strategy is. And soon it will be. To understand and verify all versions and hypotheses, we needed time. I don’t see who is developing what from the other clubs. Since we took the academy and how much money we spend, now there is no one in Bulgaria.

And it will definitely give a result, but this is not sausage or pizza, it takes time. As for the work of other clubs, I do not see any systematic sales of players for reasonable money, and this is definitely our task and we will get there. And the solution to such a problem is directly related to the results of the team, it is difficult to sell well if you are fighting for survival.

Lastly, I don’t understand, who takes away your right to criticize and comment? On the contrary, I singled out your post and decided to discuss it, a prime example that indifference is beautiful. Good luck to us all.

Anton Zingarevich attacked a fan on Facebook


Anton Zingarevich attacked a fan on Facebook


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