Angelina: I divorced Brad because he punched one of our kids in the face and tried to strangle another

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s battle over the Château Miraval winery took an unexpected turn after the actress filed new documents in court a day ago. In them, she revealed for the first time exactly what happened on their private jet during their family trip from France to America six years ago that led to her decision to file for divorce, ending their marriage. The winner of the prestigious “Oscar” award indicates that at that moment her ex-husband showed emotional and physical violence both to her and to their children, who were also on board.

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In the complaint, she described how her then-partner had behaved aggressively even before they reached the airport, getting into an argument with one of the children. His other half asked him what was wrong, and he accused her of being overprotective of their heirs. The scandal escalated ten thousand meters above the ground when he started yelling at her again, pouring more accusations against her.

During the argument, he grabbed her by the head, shaking her, then dragged her to the back of the aircraft, where he slammed her against the bathroom wall. The lawsuit states that when one of the children tried to protect his mother, he attacked him. Terrified that she might hurt him, Angelina grabbed her husband from behind, trying to get him to stop, but he sent her into the seats, injuring her back and elbow. Then the rest of the kids intervened, trying to reason with Pete, only for him to punch one of them in the face and start choking another with his hands.

The actor’s spokesman, who is not authorized to speak publicly, strongly denied the claims of his former flame, calling them another attack that only hurts the family.

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Allegations of violence on the flight in question were made soon after. But the details outlined in the divorce papers and the investigation by the FBI and Los Angeles Child and Family Services have not been made public. However, both institutions found no reason to take legal action against the “Fight Club” star.

According to the court’s decision, custody of the children is divided in half. The meeting was held behind closed doors. This decision was later contested by Jolie and eventually overturned. More details of the incident were revealed this year when the brunette took legal action against the FBI. The first media to report on the lawsuit was the New York Times.

Jolie testified before the FBI in the days after the flight. Her testimony was later changed.

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Also attached is a photo of Jolie’s elbow, where a mark of injury is visible. According to her, Pitt had two or three drinks but did not appear drunk and could speak clearly.

An FBI statement said no further investigation was necessary.

47-year-old Jolie and 58-year-old Pitt, both Oscar winners, were among Hollywood’s iconic couples, BTA recalls. The two were romantically involved for a decade before tying the knot in 2014. Their separation was announced in 2019 by a court, but the divorce was not finalized due to financial disputes.

Angelina with her children

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