And McLaren is to blame for Ricciardo’s lack of results, Seidl said

Daniel Ricciardo; photo: McLaren

The McLaren team is also to blame for Daniel Ricciardo’s lack of results, Andreas Seidl said after it was officially announced that the Australian will leave the Woking team ahead of schedule.

“It’s no secret that if you look at the last 18 months of our work together, it’s obvious that we haven’t achieved the results we wanted. That’s why we’ve been having serious conversations for the past month – Zach [Браун], me and Daniel. In the end, we have to admit that we couldn’t pull it together despite all the dedication of both Daniel and the team and all the efforts put in. So we came to the decision that we want a change for next year. We agreed together with Daniel to terminate his contract early,” explained Seidl.

Andreas Seidl
Andreas Seidl; photo: McLaren

“The team did their best. Made a huge effort. So did Daniel. However, we don’t talk about our inner challenges and the conversations we have. For me, it is important – and this applies both in the work with our colleagues and employees, and in that with our pilots – to have an open and transparent dialogue with each other. And we always have. Both sides did their best. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. Which is obviously my responsibility as a team leader. After all, it’s a team effort – both on the part of the team and the driver. That’s how I understand things. Responsibility is also shared when things don’t work.’

The agreement between Ricciardo and McLaren included significant compensation and an agreement that Daniel could drive wherever he wanted.

“We’ve never discussed stopping him from going anywhere, in any form of motorsport,” Zach Brown was emphatic. “And we hope he competes. He is a friend of the family and always will be. At McLaren, we would never restrict a driver from racing anywhere. We will not share more about the agreement between us other than that we have reached a bona fide and acceptable option. We hope Daniel will be on the grid next year. We don’t know what his plans might be other than he wants to be in F1.”

Unlike Seidl, Zach Brown found no reason for the lack of results in anyone other than Ricciardo himself.

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