An nursing home in turn victim of a cyberattack in Eure

After the South Francilien Hospital Center in Corbeil-Essonnes, it is the turn of the Beuzeville nursing home, in Eure, to be the target of hackers. A cyberattack disrupted the establishment’s information system.

It would seem that the truce offered to medical establishments has come to an end. This Wednesday, August 24, the Beuzeville nursing home, in Eure, was the victim of a cyberattack. The Le Havre hospital group, to which the establishment for the elderly belongs, specified that sensitive data had been encrypted, resulting in “an inaccessible information system”. Fortunately, patient care would not be impacted.

The attack was carried out using CryptoLocker, a crypto-locker type malware, which encrypts computer data and demands a ransom in cryptocurrency to allow the user to regain access. It attacks systems whose machines run on Windows. None “formal ransom demand” was received by the hospital group, which specified that it would file a complaint.

Ten computer stations and a server

A “white plan”, that is to say an emergency plan, was triggered by the management of the Ehpad. It allowed the establishment of a crisis unit made up of 14 people, according to a press release from the hospital management. The Beuzeville nursing home, which employs 55 agents and accommodates 60 residents, speaks of an isolated incident, affecting ten computer stations and a server.

A few days ago, the Sud Francilien Hospital Center, located in Corbeil-Essonnes, was the victim of a large-scale cyberattack. The cybercriminals formulated, in English, a ransom demand of 10 million dollars. The hospital, which initiated the white plan, indicated that “this situation should have an impact on the activity of the operating room”.

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