An iPhone 15 “Ultra” with USB-C and a new design in preparation?

That’s it, the iPhone 14s are official and the most eager fans have already been able to get their hands on these new phones. This generation of devices having no more secrets to reveal, especially if you have read our tests of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max, the incessant rumor machine has already turned its attention to the next range of iPhones which will should be released in 2023.

An “Ultra” model rather than “Pro Max”

If these phones are not expected before next year, the first information about mobiles is slowly starting to emerge on the web. And they don’t come from nowhere since it’s Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg and essential source of information on Apple, which already provides some details on the iPhone 15 in its weekly newsletter.

According to Bloomberg, the high-end model of the iPhone 15 should abandon the qualifier “Pro Max” to adorn itself more simply with the suffix “Ultra”. A way to harmonize the names between the product lines, since the most expensive Apple Watch already bears this qualifier. Exit therefore the segmentation between iPhone “standard” and iPhone “Pro”, the 2023 range could well be broken down into an iPhone 15, an iPhone 15 Plus, a Pro model and an Ultra model.

Finally USB-C on iPhones

All these mobiles could also mark a fairly clear break with the current iPhones, at least from an aesthetic point of view. If Apple keeps the habit of changing the design of its iPhones every three years (as the company has done since the iPhone 6), then the iPhone 15 could have a different face compared to the ranges currently present on the market. And that’s not all, after keeping its Lightning port for more than 10 years, Apple could finally switch to USB-C on the next iPhones. The directive for a universal charger pushed by Brussels has something to do with it and will in any case force Apple to adopt this standard, unless the brand decides to market an iPhone without any physical port, but that seems risky.

Finally, according to Ross Young, another very knowledgeable analyst on Apple products, the entire iPhone 15 line could adopt the “Dynamic Island” present on the iPhone 14 Pro. Exit the notch, the pill and its multimedia features should arrive on all iPhones, regardless of their price. After a 2022 iPhone range that does not upset the market, Apple therefore seems to be preparing bigger changes for next year’s models.

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