An engineer has developed the first prototype of a working folding iPhone

A Chinese Internet user seems to have given Apple priority over the creation of the very first folding iPhone prototype running iOS. Indeed, the Chinese videographer Technology Aesthetics was quick to create his own folding iPhone, which he unveiled on the Chinese platform Bilibili (the equivalent of YouTube in China).

The iPhone V, the first folding smartphone under iOS

The iPhone V is the fruit of several months of work during which its inventor had fun separating the components of an iPhone into two parts to integrate them into a chassis made in 3D printing. To do this, he chose the hinge of a Motorola Razr which will have been preferred to that of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip for the less visible crease it causes in the center of the screen. The lower half of the device houses the motherboard, the SoC and the phone’s memory, while the upper part makes room for the smartphone’s battery, sensors and cameras.

A prototype still far from a finished product

The videographer also had the challenge of finding the most suitable screen for his project and had to try several times before obtaining the appropriate component. This prototype obviously had to make some concessions. It only carries a 1000 mAh battery here and loses a speaker and wireless charging in the process.

The engineer knew how to be inventive in order to make his invention usable. The device has been jailbroken to tweak an interface adapted to the format created, and it is clear that the result works.

The final product is still at a fairly primary design stage and is not yet at the level of a finished product, iOS not being optimized for such use. The creation process also seems difficult to reproduce on a mass scale. The ball is now in Apple’s court.

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