An Albanian left Bulgaria after an apparent shooting in Haskov…

A mysterious Albanian is involved in the contract killing of the 33-year-old businessman and MMA fighter from Haskovo, Turgay Sali-Tuti. However, the foreigner managed to leave our country even before the main suspect in the case – 42-year-old Mexican Victor Omar Guado – was arrested. Well-informed sources told Maritza. They recalled that the last show shooting before this one was carried out 20 years ago.

The shooting of Turgai Sali was ordered and came from Bulgarian brothers in a Greek prison who are also serving time for murder in Athens, people familiar with the case said. Tuti was blown up an hour after midnight on February 13 this year. in front of his house on “Krali Marko” street in “Kamenni” district. While you were talking to an acquaintance,

an unknown man approached them and shot

on the young man selling nutritional supplements. Then the shooter disappeared, and the accident was reported to the emergency number 112 at 1.13 am.

Immediately afterwards, the police stepped up and the city was cordoned off with checkpoints at every exit. In the meantime, forensic experts seized recordings from video surveillance cameras and called for the so-called talked to the contingent of Haskovo. Turgai has no criminal record. Two shell casings were found in the area of ​​the shooting, which were submitted for ballistics examination and were checked for fingerprints. Investigators quickly determined that Tutti had briefly entered a local bar that evening before the incident, but did not stay to order anything and immediately left.

After the shooting, the Haskovian was taken to the local Emergency Department, and then he was transported to St. George Medical Center in Plovdiv, where he was operated on to remove the bullet lodged in his pelvis. Sally was able to tell the police what happened before the surgery. Then his condition worsened from a profuse hemorrhage and he died on February 14.

Meanwhile, the investigators tracked down Mexican Victor Omar Guado. He was attacked and detained by special units of the police in a Sofia hotel shortly before he left it. Clothes were taken from his room that matched those of the shooter, also described by the victim. In the rented car used by the 42-year-old assailant, a cartridge case was also found, which matches the one found at the scene of the accident in Haskovo.

“I came here because I received information that there is work in your country for circus artists like me. I was used by friends who me

asked me to strengthen their relationship by having sex with the wife,

and her husband, although he participated in the threesomes, envied me and drowned me. This is what Viktor told reporters in the court, when on February 17 this year the district magistrates in Haskovo imposed on him the most severe measure of remand, “detention in custody”. The Mexican previously presented the same version to the investigators. “Is there a circus in Bulgaria where I could possibly find a job,” the foreigner turned to Themida when he asked to be released on bail without declaring his income. “I have three children in Mexico who rely on me to support them I came to Bulgaria to study your culture, not to commit crimes,” Victor Guado explained before the court. “I want to be in a more humane place, not where I am at the moment,” the accused stated when he was given the right to have the last word.

“I am asking that my client be released on bail that is high enough to prevent him from leaving the country. There is no direct evidence of Victor’s involvement in the case. Even if the opposite is assumed, in the medical examination from Turgai’s autopsy it is stated that “a bullet that accidentally hit the buttocks accidentally ruptured the artery”. That is, there was no intentional fatal injury”, stressed lawyer Anton Popov before the magistrates.

“Victor Omar Guado, accused of murdering Turgai Sali in Haskovo, and Serafim Raichev-Nemia worked for the same rock band in America. This is one of the main versions on which the services of Bulgaria and Greece are working”, commented sources of “Maritsa”. Guado was serving a sentence for human trafficking and document forgery in Athens. He was released from prison at the end of November last year.

Among the versions supported by facts in the case is that the Mexican is a mercenary who carried out a wet order of a powerful criminal group. He was in prison in the Greek capital

together with the brothers from Haskovo Seraphim and Milen Rajchevi.

They were convicted of the murder of Greek businessman Yannis Makris. Seraphim, nicknamed Nemias, was found guilty by the magistrates in Athens as the physical executor of the attempt. His sentence is life imprisonment. Milen’s sentence as an accessory is 10 years. According to unofficial information, Turgai testified in the 2018 murder case.

Because of the tattoo on Victor’s head depicting horns, it was assumed that he was also a member of the rock gang that was involved in drug trafficking on the US-Canada border. “With the same group, before he went to Greece, Nemia worked,” commented people familiar with the case and added that in order to cover up the tattoo, he entered the courtroom with a towel on his head.

Meanwhile, on the 9th of last month, the Mexican again asked the court to be released from the district investigative detention center in Haskovo. The magistrates rejected his request, and the detainee did not take advantage of his right to appeal to the Court of Appeal in Plovdiv.

Old criminalists and lawyers, however, do not care about some details of the whole situation in this case. According to them, work should also be done on the version surrounding Guado’s arrival in Bulgaria. True, our sources say, the Mexican was in bed with the Haskovli brothers in a Greek prison. No matter how conspiratorial this theory or version sounds, there are facts to support it. Victor Omar Guado entered our country by bus through the Republic of North Macedonia. He reached Kardzhali, from there he rented a car with a Haskovo registration number, and came to an absolutely unfamiliar environment where, according to operational information, he watched his victim for several days.

“There’s no way he could have been alone and not have some local help him,”

think hot and seething in the industry. “There are reports that the Mexican was accompanied by an Albanian or at least a person with such documents. This person was also lying in Greece, where, in addition to the normal diaspora from Albania, there is also a large criminal contingent of the same nationality. The Bulgarian police had information that the mysterious Albanian had entered our country in a car from North Macedonia and was detected in Haskovo together with Viktor a few days before the shooting. Even the two were together and on the same street in the Kamenni district. This person managed to leave Bulgaria shortly before the arrest of the Mexican, our sources shared their observations.

It also makes no sense to them to plan a warrant execution, then catch the shooter, find the clothes he was wearing during the attempt, and to top it all off, the police find a shell casing in the rental car being used. These are still interesting facts not only for criminologists, but also for fiction writers.

20 years earlier: They ostentatiously killed the patron of Mityo Ochite

On November 4, 2002, 43-year-old Valentin Podmolov-Podmola was killed. The former wrestler was waiting near his home on “Petko Slaveykov” street in Haskovo. There, 3 shots rang out, Podmola was hit in the head and died on the spot. Witnesses claim that the attackers were three, dressed in black clothes, and after the attempt, they ran in the direction of the market, where they mingled with the melee. The murder remains unsolved to this day.

As a beginner, another well-known name from the underground – Dimitar Zhelyazkov-Mityo Ochite – started under Podmola’s wing. As a Vallo Podmola man, he took part in the cult clash of 11 November 29 years ago in one of the biggest shooting range at the time on the “Little Gergana” by the “Football Spring” near Harmanli. Because of this clash with the representatives of the former “Club 777”, Zhelyazkov was sentenced for the first time effectively to 11 months in prison under an initial general regime. The case was closed 12 years after the incident.


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