An Adobe Lightroom / Samsung Galaxy S23 partnership to retouch photos

A partnership that could well appeal to photography enthusiasts. Adobe and Samsung have teamed up to make it easier to process RAW format images on the latest Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. Lightroom will become the default app for editing snaps, reveals CNET.

Rework the image in depth

The partnership signed between Adobe and Samsung provides that Lightroom will be the default editing application for photographs in raw format. Unlike the classic JPG or HEIC format, RAWs are heavy and often weigh several tens of megabytes. And for good reason, these files contain all the data captured during a photograph. A surplus of information which makes it possible to rework in depth the colors, the contrast, the temperature or even the highlights of an image.

Even today, few applications on smartphones support RAW files with an intuitive user interface. With the arrival of Lightroom as standard, the user will only have to take a snapshot with Expert Raw before then opening the Adobe application with a single click. Samsung’s software will come pre-configured to work with Lightroom, but the editing app will still need to be installed by the user. A window will also invite him to make this choice, specifies Stephen Baloglu, head of photography marketing at Adobe.

Time saving

Initially, the application will offer the customer a trial version of Lightroom, before offering a paid subscription. Lightroom does have a free version, though, which is quite usable. This partnership could attract photography enthusiasts who are already familiar with Adobe’s services. For amateur smartphone photographers, processing images from the phone could be a significant time saver.

Within its panoply of intelligent tools, Lightroom offers in particular a correction of optical problems of lenses (vignetting, chromatic aberrations, distortions, etc.). A more effective processing of artefacts which could raise the final quality of the photographs produced by a notch.

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