AMD drops the price of its Ryzen 7000 processors, but only for Black Friday

For the past few days, prices for Ryzen 7000 processors have dropped significantly. Thus, it is possible to find a Ryzen 5 7600X around 300 € whereas in normal times you have to pay 360 €, a decrease of 16%. The other Ryzen 7000 processors have also suffered drops of around 13%, which is a reduction of €100 all the same on the Ryzen 9 7950X.

At first, observers thought that AMD was lowering the prices of the Ryzen 7000 in order to offer a better performance/price ratio. It must be said that switching to a Ryzen 7000 processor requires changing the RAM and the motherboard of your PC. However, currently, DDR5 has a high price: more than 100 € for 16 GB, against 65 € in DDR, to which is added the price of the card which exceeds 200 €.
If we observe the top sales at the various resellers, the first places are monopolized by the Ryzen 5000, while the first Ryzen 7000 points to 39th place at LDLC and 29th place at

We contacted AMD to find out the origin of this price drop. The manufacturer confirmed to us that these were promotions on the occasion of Black Friday. The Ryzen 7000s should therefore return to their original price by next week.

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