Alonso’s police escort nearly ran over Vettel on the way to Spa

Sebastian Vettel; photo: Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel walks to the track on a race weekend by bike at every opportunity, and in Belgium that’s how he gets around. The four-time world champion defends various causes related to environmental protection and gives a personal example of how to work in this direction. However, sometimes this is associated with unexpected problems. Vettel told the German website that he was nearly run over by a police escort making way for Fernando Alonso’s car yesterday morning.

“In the morning I rode my bike down the hill to the track. Suddenly four police motorbikes jumped out and pushed me out of the way and screamed at me. Then came a Renault, Fernando Alonso behind the wheel, with two more police bikes that also pushed me to the side,” Vettel said.

The day that started so inauspiciously ended just as badly. Sebastian missed Q1 by 2 thousandths of a second. His Aston Martin teammate Lance Stroll finished 14th the qualification of the Spa. Both will start from more advanced positions because of penalties to other drivers for replaced components in their drive systems. The fact that Vettel failed to overcome even the first qualifying segment remains.

“It’s very unfortunate that it happened like this. It’s not the end of the world, but the fight is really very tight with extremely small differences. I know we could have been faster, but in qualifying you have to give the right time at the right time. I didn’t manage that,” commented Vettel.

“I didn’t have the traction I expected. I couldn’t fit the best possible sectors as the behavior of the car changes during the weekend. I had particularly serious problems with the rear in the middle sector. I didn’t find the right balance. We will start significantly further up due to the penalties of other drivers and from there we may still have a good race. I don’t know how the car will be in the race, but I hope for points.”

Alonso will be third on the grid due to the penalties of Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. He was sixth in qualifying and said he was happy with his performance

“It’s positive for the team that both cars finished in the top 6. The two of us (with Esteban Ocon) pulled each other and it worked out pretty well. The race will be quite interesting – like in Canada. This will be another opportunity to attack the top 3 early on. We mean that some significantly faster cars will start behind us. Our goal will be to be among the top 5 or 6 in the final,” Alonso said.

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