Alonso penalized 5 seconds for contact with Ocon

Fernando Alonso; photo: Alpin

Fernando Alonso was penalized with 5 seconds for his contact with Ocon. The Alpin driver collided several times with his teammate during the the sprint race in Sao Paulo.

Alonso and Ocon fought a tight battle in the opening stages of the short race at the Interlagos circuit. The two had contact at turn #4. Alonso then tried to overtake his teammate on the start-finish straight, but ended up hitting the back of his car. This caused his front wing to break. The Spaniard went through the pits and lost any chance of a good starting position for the main race.

Alonso expressed his outrage at Ocon’s actions both on the radio and after the race.

“Unfortunately there were some close battles. Actually, it’s not ideal when your teammate is doing it. This has been happening since the beginning of the year,” shared Alonso.

The Spaniard admitted that he can’t wait to leave Alpin and not talk to Ocon anymore.

‘One more race to go and then it’s over. Finally! We were very close to the wall in Jeddah and Budapest, as well as today at Turn 4 and the start straight. Sometimes it’s too competitive within the team. A similar thing happened before with [Серхио] Perez, as with Verstappen at the same track in 2018.”

“I feel bad for these guys, but I will still try to have a good race,” added the Spaniard.

The incident between the two Alpine pilots was investigated by the stewards. After reviewing a replay of the contact and speaking to the two Alpin riders, the stewards decided to hand Alonso a five-second penalty and award two penalty points. According to them, the two-time world champion is entirely to blame for the collision, which was really dangerous at such a speed and place on the track.

Ocon also commented on the incidents with Fernando Alonso.

“The most difficult thing is that we lost valuable points in this race and finished quite far back. Unfortunately, it cost the team dearly at the wrong time,” Okon said.

“What happened on the first lap is so unfortunate. I decided to attack the McLaren and took the inside line at [завой] #4. Then Fernando appeared out of nowhere from the outside. Then we touched twice. From there, my race was pretty much over.”

“Today we will have to work together to help the team and get points. I hope we can do it,” added the Alpin driver.

The penalty saw Alonso drop from 15th to 18th, while Ocon moved up to 17th.

Ottmar Schaffnauer has not spoken publicly about the incident between Alonso and Ocon in the sprint race. He chided the two Alpin drivers in the team’s press release for missing out on good starting positions amid a close fourth-place constructors’ battle with McLaren.

“Honestly, both Esteban and Fernando need to do better to complement the fantastic efforts of everyone in the team. They must avoid incidents on the track and compromising the performance of the entire team,” Schaffnauer stated.

“Yesterday both drivers let the Alpin team down. I expect more from them in today’s race. We have to do everything we can to get the points back from the championship weekend. Our aim is to ensure that we go to Abu Dhabi in a position where we can achieve our goals for the season,” added the Alpine boss.

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