Alonso impressed with Aston Martin’s handling and Mercedes engine

Fernando Alonso; photo: Pirelli

Fernando Alonso sat in an Aston Martin car for the first time today, taking part in the test after the final race of the 2022 Formula 1 season. The two-time world champion’s car is absolutely free of any sponsor logos on it. The reason is that the contract of Alonso with Alpine it is generally until the end of the calendar year. He participated in the trials with Aston Martin thanks to an express arrangement with his now former team. And the first time sitting behind the wheel of the AMR22 brought him a pleasant surprise, Alonso himself said. He made almost a hundred rounds – 97 – in the five hours of work.

“I’m much more optimistic now. I was 90% happy when I signed with Aston. As they started to progress and finished the season strong, they became 100%. Now I’m at 100% and above,” Alonso said

“On my return with Alpin, there were some concerns about the handling of the car. We worked for nearly five months to fix the system and the information being submitted. It was a pleasant surprise for me that I immediately felt good with the handling of the Aston Martin. There will be no need for major changes,” said the Spaniard.

“Yesterday they also told me the mileage of the drive system in the car. That worried me a bit. I said the number was a bit high for my standards. But we did 97 laps without any problems and that’s exceptional,” commented Alonso

The two-time world champion is delighted to have the opportunity to sit in his new car practically the day after this year’s championship ends.

“It is very useful to make a direct comparison with what happened two days ago on the same track, in the same conditions. Many things are noticeable. We can discuss the balance and we will, but hopefully next year the car will be completely different. I have to rethink everything I noticed, all sorts of little things. And most of them are related to comfort, not so much to the actual balance or behavior of the car. I don’t know a lot of things – the different team announcements for example. A person is used to one way of working and it takes a little time to adopt another. It’s like those things are a priority right now,” Alonso added.

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