Alonso corrects himself after the final: It was a racing accident –

photo: Georgi Todorov/LAP

Fernando Alonso exploded at the Lewis Hamilton incident in the first round of Belgian Grand Prix. He shouted on the radio, called the Mercedes driver an “idiot” and was furious that he had ruined his “mega start”. After the finish of the race, in which he finished fifth, the Spaniard insisted that his former team-mate had turned as if he had not been on the track, but said he believed the situation was a racing accident. Such was the decision of the stewards.

“I think he thought I wasn’t there anymore. I don’t think it was a mistake. In the middle of the battle you try to catch the air flow, apply the brakes late, turn and sometimes you don’t measure who is where. I don’t know, I’m generally more careful. Hamilton made a bit of a mistake closing the door like that. There are many cases on turn five. The same thing happened to him [Нико] Rosberg a few years ago. And now again.’

“I think it was a racing incident in the first round. It happens, especially on this turn where a lot of things happen. Basically they cut in sixth and get back on track in turn seven. It’s certainly a difficult part of the track. It was a racing accident, I have nothing more to say,” Alonso said

“I’m just sad because every time I start second or third something like this happens and then I end up 12th or 13th. I wanted a normal race and unfortunately we started with this incident. After that, we had a very aggressive strategy. I don’t think it was very smart to stop so early every time. But the top 5 is a good finish to the weekend for us,” Alonso added.

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