Almost nobody needs us

“You do understand that almost no one needs us anymore. Maybe it’s time to be… me… lelina and have fun. Let’s go play backgammon in front of the block with the other pensioners.”

This gloomy conclusion was made by the leader of “There is such a people” Slavi Trifonov in the next part of his televised confession “Something personal”. For the second week now, he has been answering questions from the deputy head of the party and chief scriptwriter of his team, Toshko Yordanov.

Everything has an end, Slavi added.

Trifonov admitted that he is relieved that he is no longer on the screen every night and does not have to host his show. “I feel relieved that I don’t lead and I don’t have to. This is also related to the way you live – when and what you eat, when you sleep. 20 years of the same thing and now I feel relieved,” Slavi said.

Nevertheless, Trifonov is determined to try to organize a referendum to change from a parliamentary to a presidential republic.

“We will try to implement this referendum, because the right move is to try to change the system. If they form a government now, it will be unprincipled in any case. This coalition will be in the interest of the government and let’s save the people. And in fact, it will take from people. We are trying to create an alternative. If it doesn’t happen, the sovereign is right, he wanted it that way,” Trifonov said.


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