Alla Pugacheva’s will was revealed

Pop diva Alla Pugacheva has returned to Russia to sign her will, which was drawn up a long time ago. His content in a conversation with the online edition of “Komsomolska Pravda” KP.RU reveals a relative of the singer, whose name is not disclosed.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, the suburban villa on the “Istra” dam, 56 km from Moscow – a favorite place for a luxurious vacation of capital residents, remains for the grandson of the Diva, the actor and musician Nikita Presnyakov. His grandmother also gave him a four-room apartment in the center of Moscow. For his mother, the daughter of Alla Borisovna – pop singer and actress Kristina Orbakaite, the five-room apartment on “Tverskaya” – the main street in the heart of the Russian capital, the center of entertainment and night life – is planned. Almost all the buildings there are historical landmarks, inhabited in the past by notable Russian intellectuals and artists. According to the publication’s informant, Pugacheva secured real estate for her nephew (her brother’s son) and his son.

It has long been known that the singer’s husband, the showman Maxim Galkin, is the sole owner of the “castle” in the village of Gryaz in the Moscow region, where the family lives. He is the owner of several plots of land on which the residence is located. In May, the elite real estate broker Andrey Kovalev revealed that in the crisis of the war in Ukraine, the price of the site fell five times and now the castle can be sold for 100-150 million rubles (about 1.6 – 2.5 million euros) , write “Now“.

The couple’s children – the 8-year-old twins Lisa and Gary – were also secured by real estate. It is not known who exactly will get another possession of the queen of the Russian stage – an apartment of 300 square meters in the artistic district “Arbat”.

Meanwhile, Alla Pugacheva, who so far has not made public statements about the Russian intervention in Ukraine, answered indirectly to the director Nikita Mikhalkov, who repeatedly reprimanded the artists who left Russia since the beginning of the so-called “special operation”. On Instagram, the singer published an excerpt from his film “Slave of Love” (1976), in which the heroine of the actress Elena Solovey speaks: “Gentlemen, you are beasts! Gentlemen, you will be forever cursed by your country, soldiers!”. To him, the singer of the hit “Million Scarlet Roses” wrote: “Wonderful film, wonderful director. Where did the wonderful Nikita Sergeevich Mikhalkov disappear?”.

Pugacheva and her husband, who openly criticizes the Kremlin’s policy, left for Israel almost immediately after the start of the intervention in Ukraine, and after a few months – for the Latvian resort of Jurmala. Maxim Galkin is currently on a European tour, and the singer’s return on August 27 was documented by her appearance in front of designer Igor Gulyaev’s Moscow boutique. He posted footage on social media of her kicking open the car door to his stunned exclamation: “I can’t believe my eyes, is that you!”, to which the star replied that she was on holiday to take care of your health.


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