Alexander Dugin: Enemies of Russia killed my daughter

“The enemies of Russia sneakily and stealthily killed her”. This was stated by the philosopher Alexander Dugin for the first time after the murder of his daughter Daria.

His comment was published at his request on the Telegram channel of Konstantin Malofeev, founder of the Tsargrad TV channel.

Dugin urged Russian soldiers to victory in the war in Ukraine and declared: “We will not be defeated.”

“As you all know, as a result of the terrorist attack carried out by the Nazi Ukrainian regime, my daughter Daria Dugina was brutally killed in an explosion on August 20 while returning from the Tradition festival near Moscow,” he said.

“She was a beautiful Orthodox girl, a patriot, a war correspondent, a central channel expert and a philosopher. Her speeches and reports were always insightful, informed and restrained. She never called for violence or war. She was a rising star at the beginning of her journey ” added the philosopher.

Dugin stated that the Russian people cannot be broken even by such “unbearable blows”.

He described his daughter’s murder as an attempt to break the will with “bloody terror”. “Russia’s enemies will not be able to achieve their goal,” added Alexander Dugin.

“Our hearts do not yearn for simple revenge or revenge. This is too petty, too un-Russian. We only want our victory. My daughter laid her young life on his altar. So win, please!” he declared.

“We wanted to raise her as a smart girl and a hero. Let her inspire the sons of our country for heroism even now,” says Dugin.


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