Alex Raeva bitterly regretted the friendship…

Before each performance, the stars are always pampered in the dressing room. Not one or two world-class prima donnas have special requirements before going on stage – comfortable sofas, white roses, champagne and caviar. Celebrities in Bulgaria are far more modest.

As they say – a razor and a box of powder are enough for them.

Alexandra Raeva, for example, does her own make-up before a performance, and she also shaves before going on stage. But only when forced. The talented singer, who has recently become more and more serious as an actress, was put to a real test in the last edition of the show “Everything is possible with Rachkov”.

Together with Monyu Monev, Alex participated in “The Big Shake”. This is one of the funniest skits on the Saturday comedy show on NOVA. Its participants lie down on vibrating beds, and Rachkov gives them the most absurd challenges, while controlling the level of vibrations.

Monyu and Raeva were in the theater dressing room minutes before their big premiere. Unfortunately, however, their make-up artist is late and they are forced to prepare themselves for going on stage. First, the presenter ordered them to shave, having previously smeared their faces with foam. “What exactly do I have to shave?” Alex asked at first, but quickly realized that they both meant the same thing – shaving the face. “That’s not in the contract?!”, the singer complained.

In addition to shaving, the native star was also forced to apply makeup while lying on the vibrating bed. Monyu Monev looked no less comical, who after finishing the scene looked literally like the Joker. “I have seen a lot of people just like you in front of the Ministry of Agriculture,” said Dimitar Rachkov with a laugh.

As they rocked at top speed, Alex and Monyu had to put on a full make-up – foundation, powder, eyeshadow and lipstick, some of which Alex literally ate by accident. In the finale, before leaving the stage, the two actors had to pop a bottle of champagne for good luck before the performance.

Alex Raeva drank her glass in one go, and by the time Monyu managed to raise his, the singer had already grabbed the entire bottle to calm herself down.

In fact, recently such stage fever is no stranger to the popular star. Alexandra Raeva together with Nencho Balabanov are the stars in “On a Short Occasion” in the new modern stand-up musical format of Desta Production. Together they travel for performances in many cities in our country and around Europe.

Otherwise, in “Everything is possible with Rachkov”, Alex felt very much in her own right, because with some of the participants in the show, she played in the series “Police from the edge of the city”, which has been popular in recent years, writes “Darik”.


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