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The striker of CSKA 1948 – Alex Kolev, gave a special interview for, in which he talks about the atmosphere in the “Reds” dressing room, Lyuboslav Penev as a coach, the upcoming clash with CSKA and others. The ram also drew a parallel between Bulgarian club football and the Polish one, and in a few sentences shared his opinion about the new selector of the national team of Bulgaria – Mladen Krastaich.

– Hi Alex, how are you first?

– Good day, thank you, I’m fine after training in the gym. I feel good.

– What is the atmosphere in the team?

– The atmosphere in the team is quite good considering the results. When a team wins, it can’t be helped, we also train pretty hard everyone who takes part in the training, so I think in terms of the atmosphere everything is fine.

– How does it feel to be leaders in the efbet League?

– Well the feeling is very good and we also know that this is a big responsibility and from another point of view we must not miss the chance that we have now seized and we must continue to keep this level.

– You have a lot of new guys in the team, are you already adjusting as a style of play with them?

– Well yes, we had a whole preparation to work most of the boys together, two or three boys came at a later stage. Everyone else came in at the start of training so we were able to work together and I think it shows on the pitch.

– Does the fact that you haven’t scored a goal yet this half-season worry you?

– No, don’t worry me. After all, 5-6 rounds have passed and there are still 30 games, last half season again like that 5 or 6 matches I didn’t score a goal, then in 2 or 3 games I scored 5 or 6 goals, so that’s football, it’s about having situations and I’m sure I’ll realize them because I’m missing the hits.

– What kind of coach is Luboslav Penev, tell us a little more?

– I think that all people in Bulgaria know it, and not only – a rather ambitious coach who has high expectations for each one of us. Strict, fair and never for a moment does anyone let you relax or not concentrate on the tasks at hand. He showed it not only in this club. Also cheerful but keeps discipline at a very high level and keeps everyone giving their best during training and of course during a match.

– You have played in several other Bulgarian teams, where have you felt most at home so far?

– As I re-signed here for another 2 years, so I feel pretty good here, I’m calm, we play good football, we win, the team is going well, so I feel good here.


– You have played abroad, can you compare the class of the championships outside Bulgaria with the efbet Liga?

– Quite a frequently asked question, it depends on where abroad. Specifically for Poland, because that’s where I spent the longest time in my career abroad. Football is more dynamic and direct there. But there are quite a few technical footballers here, there is no big difference. In purely football terms, the infrastructure is better there. The stadiums are nicer, the fans are massive, 40-50 thousand people come if you play in a bigger team. It’s just that their infrastructure is better. I say again – more dynamic football is played there, with a lot of running and a lot of fighting.

– How does it feel to have a Levski youth wearing the CSKA shirt?

– I am a professional, I fulfill my tasks here, in this particular club, I give 100% on the field for the team. No matter where I play, I give it my all and I hope it doesn’t go unnoticed.

– Now you have a match with CSKA coming up, what are your expectations and are you ready?

– I think we are ready, our expectations are for victory, as we go out every match. You saw with Ludogorets how the game was, in my opinion we should have won, as against Pirin, for me we lost points there, we should have beaten them in view of the first and second half. We are going to win, we have to keep this level. This match is no different than any other match.

– The fact that they were recently relegated from Europe, do you think it will affect their game against you?

– It is certainly mentally a kind of collapse to drop out in Europe after you had the ambition to enter there, but then again, CSKA have enough footballers, as far as I know, two or three in a position, a good budget and strong players, so, no I think it’s a problem for them to recover and not be affected by the loss at all.

– Let’s talk a little about the national team, we recorded quite bad results in the League of Nations, we already have a new coach Mladen Krastaic, do you think a foreigner was the right decision for the national coach?

– I am not the person to comment on this. There is a leadership and decision-making bodies. We know the Serbians have a fighting mentality, so I think he is not a bad choice for the coach of the national team. He had the time to get to know the qualities of the players. I see he’s going to different matches, why not wish him success and that things work out in the end?!

– Finally, what do you wish for, both personally and professionally?

– On a personal level, I wish to be alive and healthy, everything else can be achieved with work, and on a professional level – to continue to maintain this level, to fight as much as possible for the highest goals and to finish in the championship as far as possible.

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