Aldi Ambiano, the cheapest connected food processor on the market

Aldi is not at its first attempt when it comes to food processors. After launching a fairly rudimentary device under the Quigg brand in 2019, the distributor is coming back to the fore with a new, more sophisticated model. This time, the robot-cooker is stamped Ambiano and features a small touch screen that provides access to guided cooking and detailed recipes.

We learn very little about this robot-cooker on the German brand’s website, but according to the little information we have been able to glean, it seems that it natively integrates a hundred recipes. It would also be possible to download others thanks to wifi.

Like all food processors, the device should be able to knead, mix, mix, brown, simmer, steam, chop, emulsify or even crush ice, and automatic cooking programs are most certainly offered for simplify the use of all these functions.

Comes with a bowl with an overall capacity of 2.3 litres, this robot cooker should be able to prepare meals for two to four people. It is supplied with a battery of accessories including a steamer basket (inner and upper), a beater, a four-blade knife, a cutting disc and a spatula.

Ultimately very close to the Auchan food processor, both in its design and its functions, the Ambiano food processor from Aldi, however, sports a more compact format; the capacity of the bowl and the size of the screen are smaller, which should impact the convenience of use. Of course, you have to make concessions to claim to be the cheapest robot cooker on the market. At €279, it is sold €150 less than Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine Smart, which remains one of the best value for money on the market, and €80 cheaper than Auchan’s food processor.

Note that it is available in all Aldi brands – except for a detailed store list on the brand’s website – while stocks last.

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