Airoh: a motorcycle helmet with integrated airbag

Airoh, Italian manufacturer of motorcycle helmets specializing in offers off-road and road, presented at the international motorcycle show Eicma 2022 a model with integrated airbag in partnership with Autoliv.

According to the manufacturer, the airbag protection system is triggered automatically in the event of an accident. The press release gives little technical information on the technology used, whether it incorporates an accelerometer, for example, or whether it is connected and linked to the smartphone or the motorcycle. We just learn that “The airbag is inflated by a gas generator using technology similar to automotive airbag systems. The module is fully integrated into the helmet, covered with shields that can open and allow inflation of the airbag”.

Airoh: a motorcycle helmet with integrated airbag

The unveiled prototype shows that the linear acceleration in the event of an impact is considerably reduced and that the energy absorption is better distributed to better protect the head. For the moment, the prototype shown at Eicma is based on CAE simulations and physical impact tests which have made it possible to optimize the design, the coverage area, the pressure and the volume. Without naming regulation 22.06 explicitly, with which helmets on the market must comply since July 2022, the press release mentions a model that meets “to safety standards regardless of the activation of this system”.

Airoh: a motorcycle helmet with integrated airbag

Although under study, the concept is interesting and could increase the safety of motorcyclists. The manufacturer APC System had already unveiled a helmet with an integrated airbag in 2009, but its price was very high and history has shown that success is not necessarily guaranteed. We do not have any other information at this time, such as the price or the weight of this prototype helmet.

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