“Aiko” sets foot in Plovdiv on 27 decares, which in the past belonged to Stefan Minchev

27 acres of history

The first owner of the two plots of land on “Asenovgradsko Shose” entered in the Property Register was the company “Rila Properties”. It was created in 2004 and belongs to “ATV 2010” (the former “Alexandra TV”, broadcasting from the end of the 90s the television of the same name – b.r.) of Stefan Minchev. In July 2009, “Rila Properties” merged into “ATV 2010”, and thus all the property of the transforming company passed to the receiving company.

In March 2012, a lease agreement was concluded for the properties between “ATV 2010” and “Biotech Power” (renamed to “Kino Arena Bulgaria” in January 2014 – n.d.) – at that time again owned by Minchev in partnership with his wife Alexandra.

In December of the same year, “ATV 2010” established the right to build on the larger area in favor of “Biotech Power 2012”, created in April. When it was established, its shareholders were Kiril Chakarov and Dimitar Abadjiev, and Stefan Minchev was elected as executive director. Only a few months later, in September, Abadjiev was removed as a shareholder and Spas Kolchev took his place. According to the building permit, a biomass power plant with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 10 decares was planned to be built on the land, but this intention was not realized.

In January 2014, the ownership changed again and through a purchase and sale the field passed to “Biotech Power 2012”.

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