After the Ricciardo fiasco, Zach Brown will now include a performance clause in drivers’ contracts

Daniel Ricciardo and Zach Brown; photo: McLaren

Zach Brown has drawn one conclusion from the fiasco with Daniel Ricciardo in recent weeks and it is that it should include a performance clause in its drivers’ contracts, he himself stated on the High Performance podcast. The American manager pointed out that at McLaren “we probably assumed, and I think we had reason to believe, that he would continue from where he had gone.” After all, he has drawn conclusions regarding the conclusion of contracts with pilots in the future.

“We had to write a fat check to terminate the contract early, but that was the deal. Next time I’ll probably do it differently and maybe there will be some protection for us in terms of (the driver’s) performance. We’re not just going to assume that a great competitor will continue to be so. That’s what we’ve learned from the whole situation, and the lesson is more about contracts, but it’s a very serious one,” Brown said

Brown is convinced that McLaren did everything possible to help Ricciardo fit the car. Both sides weren’t sure why it didn’t work out in the end.

“We got to the point where our only strategy was hope, and that’s not a good strategy. At Monza we saw the talent, it’s still there. A driver doesn’t get eight wins by accident. We just couldn’t unlock it together. From the point of view of the contract, however, we could have asked ourselves the question: “What if it doesn’t happen?” But we were all so excited that we didn’t think seriously about such a problematic scenario,” added Zach Brown.

Many drivers in the paddock expressed sympathy for Ricciardo and the situation he found himself in – Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel among them. Daniel’s McLaren team-mate Lando Norris said he didn’t feel the same way

“People will probably hate me for saying that. I have to focus on my own riding. It’s not my job to focus on anyone else. I’m not a coach, I’m not here to help, but to perform as well as possible. The car I drive now is not made for me, to fit me. This is the option that is the fastest according to the team and according to wind tunnel tests. It’s the pilot’s job to adapt and get the most out of it. Maybe it’s easier for me than for Daniel,” Norris commented.

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