After the Queen’s death, the longest-reigning monarch is the Sultan of Brunei

Hassanal Bolkiah has been on the throne for 54 years and 339 days

The Sultan of Brunei became the longest-reigning living monarch after the death of Elizabeth II, the Daily Mail reported.

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor died yesterday afternoon at Balmoral Castle. She ruled for 70 years and 7 months.

Hassanal Bolkiah was proclaimed Sultan in 1967. He was on the throne for 54 years and 339 days. This is more than four years longer than the reign of Queen Margrethe of Denmark, who has the second longest reign in the world. She has been Queen of Denmark since January 14, 1972, being extremely popular among the population, it was reported

Margrethe II, 82, offered her condolences to Britain’s new King Charles III late last night, saying his mother was “highly respected and much loved”.

“Your mother was very important to me and my family. She was an imposing figure among European monarchs and a great inspiration to us all. We will miss her terribly,” the Danish queen’s letter to the new king said.

Because of Elizabeth II’s death, celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the Danish queen’s reign will take place this weekend, but will take a different form out of respect for the memory of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

The change of the program in the coming days is at the request of the queen, announced the director of communications of the Danish royal household. The royal family is working on multiple changes to the program, she added, without disclosing the changes for now.


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