After a long denial, power begins to return to Gazprom

There is also the currency risk of paying in rubles, which can very quickly increase the price of gas. And there is no guarantee that if we return to the Russians again, they will not stop our supplies right in the middle of winter. But then it will be too late for any alternatives.

Is Russian gas cheaper?

The main point made by the participants in the briefing of the crisis headquarters, before the pebble was spat on the return of Gazprom, was that business and unions do not just want gas (as they all agreed there is), but a specific one – delivered by pipe and at a price of up to BGN 250/mWh.

According to AIKB chairman Vasil Velev, Bulgaria loses BGN 180 million per month because it does not receive Russian gas under the contract with Gazprom. According to his words, it can be delivered at a price of BGN 200 per MWh according to his formula. The fact that Russian gas is the cheapest was also the main thesis of Vanya Grigorova from KT “Podkrepa”.

“Having this task from the business and the unions, next week or at the latest by the end of the month we will propose a solution based on their demands. In order to have no compensations, we must take the cheapest gas”, the chairman of the crisis staff summarized the situation and Deputy Prime Minister Hristo Alexiev. He even threatened to raise taxes if cheap gas was not found, apparently referring to Russian gas.

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