After a battle with cancer and severe depression, John Newman became a father for the first time

The 32-year-old Brit, who married girlfriend Nana in 2018, shared the first black-and-white photo of the newborn, simply writing: “A star is born.” Newman did not reveal the baby’s name or gender. But that doesn’t matter at all, as the news is extraordinary for both of them, Newman’s relatives and fans say.


For many years, John struggled with health problems and his life turned into a real nightmare after he found out that he had a brain tumor. First diagnosed with cancer in 2012, four years later, after successful surgery to remove the tumor, the insidious disease returned again.

After treatment, Newman is now fully healthy and monitors his condition with regular check-ups. The devoted Nana is by his side all the time.

In order to stabilize and take a break from the popularity and fame draining him, according to his confessions, John took a break from music, but recently returned with a new single Holy Love.

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At the start of the year, he shared: “When you’re on tour, whether the single isn’t doing so well, or there’s some trouble at home or you’re not liking yourself as a person, it’s not really something that anyone understands and cares about… I realized that I was actually unhappy and unhappy with my career. I realized that I was just running at a thousand miles an hour to try and cover it up….I was taking pictures on the red carpet and I thought it was a success, but I had actually lost track of what success was, namely the pure love and emotion of seeing something you create do well.”

Newman credits his wife for being there for him and helping him overcome depression and anxiety. He admits that if he didn’t have her support, he would hardly have made it, and he doesn’t even guess what would have happened to him, referring to his difficult emotional battle.

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